Scam calls from FRC at 1-866-748-7600?????

I have been getting these automated scammer calls from some business called FRC - they calls are always automated from Ms. Mahoney or John Morgan and they say it's a time sensitive matter, but won't ever say my name. They mentioned a name once, but it was something like Chen Lee or something like that. My name is not even close to that. They have been harassing me for about 3 months now. They say that time is running out and it's a time sensitive matter.

Has anyone gotten calls like this and what did you do to make them stop?


By the way - They are calling my cell phone, which is registered on the Do Not Call list. I'm considering going to my cell phone provider and changing my phone number.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was getting phones like these. A few times I actually called the number they left and let them know they had the wrong numbers (I was trying to be nice about it) even after that they continue calling and a friend told me about the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY where telemarketers can't call you and so forth.

    Hope this helps you

    I saw that you added that you already have you number register with the DO NOT CALL you can file a complaint againist them

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  • 1 decade ago

    well I think one of my friend was getting weird calls. and she just randomly searched the number online, and it came up as some scam.

    but anyways, even if they were harassing you, you can call your phone service provider and tell them to block it and tell them it's been occuring for 3 months.

    because i know that if you get some threat calls from a blocked number, your phone service provider can trace down that number and report it to the authorities.

    just call your service provider. even if it wasn't a threat or harassment.. it's annoying!

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  • Angie
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    1 decade ago

    Talk with your cell phone company. They may be aware of this scam number and will be able to block it from your phone.

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