frostwire music?

Ok so I transferred my frostwire music to my iTunes, and it disappeared, what happened? it's nowhere on my computer

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I do not know how you can get the music back, but to make sure that it won't happen again, you should make a directory on your d drive ( take it you have a second partition). You can call it

    Limewire Downloads. Do not forget to change the directory in Limewire too, You can change it with options.

    Now your music will be safe and from that directory you can transfere the music to iTunes. Just copy them to iTunes, so you will keep the music in your Limewire Download directory. Better still is, that you make another directory and call it for example Music iTunes and copy the music you downloaded with frostwire and like to keep on your pc to that directory.

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