what happened on y&r thursday, friday, and today?

i heard that victor and sabrina are still on (u'd think the writers would read forums like this to see how much viewers hate their storyline). what happened with gloria after the pepper incident (did she go to jail) and is chloe still trying to get to cane? where is lily? are neil and his chick back on? so many questions, i know but i've been out of the loop for the last few days. i know i could check cbs online, but honestly i like to get opinions of viewers when they tell me the story. i like for other viewers to tell me what they think of the story rather than the objective view from the network. so what do u guys think of how things are flowing along? i think the writing is better now than it has been for a long time, but y&r has gotten pretty crappy about having these long, drawn out storylines.

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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    In the aftermath of Gloria's prank on Jeff, Gloria feels horrible as the coffeehouse is cleared out. Gloria tries to apologize but Kevin fires her. Meanwhile, as the doctors work on Jeff, Jill becomes terrified because no one will tell her what is going on.

    Victoria tells Nikki that she feels bad about turning down Sabrina's request for Victoria to be her maid of honor. Meanwhile, Victor and Sabrina set a date for their wedding. Later, Victor asks Adam to stand up for him at the wedding. Adam advises Victor to ask Nick as well.

    Phyllis tells Nick that he is allowing his feelings toward Victor to cloud his judgment.

    When Amber hears about Adrian's book, and his teaching issues due to it, she suggests he come write for Restless Style Later, Jack decides to hire Adrian for the article on Sabrina without Nick's okay.

    Michael rushes to the hospital when he hears from Kevin that Gloria accidentally poisoned Jeff. Meanwhile, Jill and Gloria stand off outside Jeff's hospital room when Jill refuses to let Gloria see him. Later, Jeff crashes and rushes to write a goodbye letter to Gloria. Michael arrives and drags Gloria away before Jill assaults her.

    Sharon is none too happy that Gloria tried to poison Jeff. Later, Jack defends Gloria and Sharon agrees to let her stay at the mansion.

    Nikki stops by the ranch to pick out a memento for Miguel. Nikki and Victor share a poignant moment as they realize how much has changed in their lives. Later, Nikki reminds Victor that Nick and Victoria need him.

    Jeff gets the okay to leave the hospital and hides the love letter he wrote to Gloria. Jill asks him to come back the Chancellor estate and Jeff is disappointed when Jill tells him that Gloria was there to see him.

    Victoria tells Nick that Sabrina asked her to be her maid of honor. She remains unwavering that Nikki and Victor are meant to be together. Later, Nikki encourages Nick to run the article on Sabrina and Victor. Meanwhile, Sabrina encourages Victor to make amends with Nick and Victoria and he agrees to ask Nick to be his best man.

    At the Chancellor estate, Kay reminds Jill that Gloria would have never been working at the coffeehouse, if Jill hadn't fired her from Jabot. Later, Esther sees Jeff ripping up the letter he wrote to Gloria. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Gloria Jeff is no longer registered with the hospital.

    Nick gives the okay to write the article on Sabrina as Victor enters. Nick tears into Victor about Sabrina and Victor decides not to ask Nick to be his best man. Meanwhile, Nikki's anger towards Victor gets the better of her. Later, Victor tells Adam that he will be the only one standing up for him at the wedding.

    Gloria begs Lauren for a job at Fenmore's. Meanwhile, Jeff tells Jill this isn't the first time Gloria has poisoned something before.

    Phyllis tries to set Amber up with Adrian.


    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Sharon and Jack prepare Noah for camp as they discuss Gloria's incident with Jeff. Meanwhile, Gloria frantically calls the Chancellor estate. Before Esther can give her any information, Jill snatches the phone and tells Gloria that Jeff died.

    David is forth coming with Paul about his gambling addiction but continues to worry that Paul is furthering his investigation. Later, David plays it cool when Brad presses him about Paul and the money he owes Brad but its clear the stress is getting to him.

    Gloria begs Sharon to find out if Jeff is truly dead. Meanwhile, Jeff is happy to hear Gloria called but Jill tries to convince him to make her pay. Later, Sharon calls Jill, who puts Jeff on the phone. Gloria spills her heart out to him but he tells her apologize in person.

    Jack assures a worried Noah that he will watch out for Sharon and Fisher while Noah is at camp.

    At Jabot, before the pre-trial hearing, Adam and Heather have a flirtatious conversation that is interrupted by an all-business-Michael. He tells Heather to prepare to lose. Meanwhile, Victor and Nikki meet outside the hearing, neither one backing down.

    At the gym, Paul watches an interaction between David and Walter, in which he learns Walters full name. Later, Paul approaches Walter in the gym but doesn't manage to get any information from him. A gym attendant tells Walter Paul's name. Walter calls David to find out who he is.

    The pre-trial hearing begins and Michael and Heather submit their evidence to a judge. Later, the judge returns and urges both sides to settle but when neither budges, the judge seemingly sides with Heather.

    At the Chancellor estate, Jill fishes for information from Gloria about Jeff's earlier comment. Gloria freaks, wondering if Jeff has told her about the Jabot cream. She lets something slip that makes Jill even more suspicious. Later, Gloria blows up at an unwitting Jeff, believing that he has told Jill everything about the cream.

    Later, Sharon, Jack and Noah are packing last minute things for Noah at camp when Gloria blows by them in a huff.

    Heather explains to Nikki that the judge is leaning in their direction. On the other hand, Victor rips into Michael and Adam for not getting him the results he expects. Later, Heather calls to check on Adam. At the ranch, Adam gets Heather's message just in time to have Victor attack him again for his over confidence in acquiring Natural Glow.


    Monday, June 9, 2008

    Michael explains to Gloria that there is no way she can confess because she will take him, Kevin and Lauren down with her if she does. Meanwhile, Jeff tries desperately to dodge Jill's questions but she continues to push for the truth. Gloria realizes that Jeff didn't divulge to Jill about the face cream and believes it is because he still loves her. Once everyone is gone, Esther pieces Jeff's letter to Gloria back together. Later, Jill won't let Gloria into the house when she comes to see Jeff. Esther gives Kay the letter she found in Jeff's pocket. Kay confronts Jeff about the letter. Kay tries to talk to Jill about Jeff but her defenses go up immediately. Meanwhile, Gloria pours her heart out to Alistair about how much she loves Jeff. Unfortunately, Jeff sees this and misinterprets her actions. Heather bonds with her father over her expectant victory for Jabot. Paul subtly questions Heather about David. Adam stands up to Victor when he attacks Adam again for causing the lawsuit. David reveals to Nikki that Paul suspects he killed his first two wives. David explains to Nikki about his first wife's suicide. Nikki wonders if she can believe him. David then informs Nikki about his second wife and admits that he gambled away all of her money. Nikki asks Paul as a friend to stop investigating David. Nikki decides to believe David's story, but Paul remains concerned. At the courthouse, the judge rules in Newman's favor and everyone is shocked. While Victor, Adam and Michael are elated at the outcome, a furious Jill makes it clear to Nikki that this lawsuit is over. After winning the case, Victor lets Adam back into his good graces. Meanwhile, Heather and Adam heat things up in the elevator at Jabot. Nick and Sharon talk about Victor and Sabrina's wedding and having Noah there. Nick wonders if Victor knows what it truly means to be a father. Nick says goodbye to Noah as he leaves for summer camp. Sabrina arrives and asks Nick to try to mend things with Victor by being a part of the wedding. Nick is hurt to learn that Adam is Victor's best man.


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    Gloria's losing it and Jill is a B***h.

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