italy vs netherlands euro 2008?

is anyone else annoyed with the way italy played in this game. i root for them i was so stressed watching them play. i wouldnt be as mad that they lost if they played better because the netherlands played a great game. it just seemed that italy couldnt finish the ball and they werent pressing hard enough. also the line up was terrible. hopefully next game, there will be some changes. anybody have comments or agree?

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    donadoni screwed up the line horribaly...if he knew what he was doing, then italy would had much of a better chance by still asking myself why he decides to put in del peiro and grosso on when there is 20 min left in the game, big mistake, you dont put on a top scorer so late into the game like that...buffon played a good game..great job but u cant save everything without a deffense

    feel sorry for cannavaro though, poor guy must have been dieing on that bench

    i still have faith in them and i always will...forza azzurri all the way

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    Hi bella,

    Oh my gosh talk about disastrous, I believe they walked in thinking that they were they were the world Cup Champions Ready to walk all over the Dutch. You can't do that with the dutch as we have seen. I'm really at a loss for words here however the first goal was an offside but I don't think that would have changed the complexion of the game I believe they still would have lost no doubt about it. They just did not show up. It had nothing to do with bad officiating but everything to do with bad playing. I did not see the World Cup Champions play today I don't know where they are. Lets hope they show up for the next two matches.

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    Normally the Italians are amongst the best (if not the best) in the world at defending, but they don't like to have to force offensive chances. They found that they needed to after the first goal, and that strategy was partly to blame for the last 2 goals.

    If it's any consolation, they still control their own destiny...wins over France and Romania would automatically qualify them for the quarterfinals. But don't be surprised to see a lot of changes for the next match...

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    I agree.

    Even though Italy were slacking.

    Holland's 1st goal was due to a blind linesman.

    But, no credit taken off Van.Nisterlooy.

    He tapped it in nicely.

    Italy, well they didnt play like a World Cup winning side.

    Better luck next time (Y).


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    The fact is that italy never expected this much from the orange troop.they though of just playing a normal game...holland took the chances ,their counterattack was so fast and perfectly executed..italy made some attempts ,but vander sar and their defence was pretty strong.for the first time i am seeing a weak italian defence.......

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    donadoni got it all wrong. what on earth was he thinking when he put ambrosini, matrix and gattuso in that lineup? the dutch just capitalized on very poor tactics. van bronchorst was just superb esp with the wide ball for sneijder. the center halves were devastated. all odds are against italy. and with 2 matches and -3 GD, and opponents like france and romania remaining, they simply need 6 pts. can you see that happening? while nothing is impossible, its a highly complicated task.

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    italy knew they were comming against a strong side today...they did not gurantee anything....they made some managerial mistakes that cost them heavily.. there was nothing buffon could do because his defense is not what it used to be..donadoni put barzagli and panucci on defense which was a big mistake.. he should have had de rossi and also sit out many new faces

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    I agree with you, I've never seen Italy play so bad that I couldn't watch the end of the game..I have faith that they'll play better next two games..

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    actually, according to the rules, van nistelrooy was onside, it doesn't matter that panucci was off the field. and yes it was a good tap in. it came quickly, and a goal is a goal. unfortunately camoranesi is injured and is needed aloong with de rossi. del piero made it better when he came on

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