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Ready for a daily dose of Jeopardy style Wrestling Trivia?

Please phrase your answers as a question. Have fun with this as there are no correct answers. If you don't want to have fun, please just don't answer. Please star if you even had fun reading answers or thinking of answers. Also, please keep answers(questions) wrestling related.

1. The Title of John Cena's autobiography.

2. 4 dozen pink carnations.

3. the Great Khali's favorite TV. show.

4. What Randy Orton is doing as he sits at home with his broken collar bone.

5. 618.

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    1What is "I Lied: I do not have a phd. in Thugamonics."?

    2 What was the gift Umaga received for Valentines day from William Regal?

    3What is Muppet Babies?

    4 What is the Art of Legend Cooker?

    5What is the number of people would pass out after seeing Big Daddy V streak?

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    1. What is Champ or Chump?

    2. What is the Title of Rico`s autobiography

    3. What is E True Hollywood Storys

    4. What is Grand Theft Auto 4

    5. What is the number of trolls in the wrestling section.

  • Tina54
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    1 decade ago

    1. What is " My Life" ?

    2.What is something you give for Valentine's day?

    3.What is a punjabi dinner?

    4. What is bossing around his already pregnant wife?

    5. What is the neighboring area code for the town next to Rey Mysterio's?

  • 1.What is "My Life as a Pokemon"?

    2.What is John Cena's favorite gift?

    3.What is a Blank TV Screen?

    4.What is Crying on his Daddy's shoulder?

    5.What is a Poorman's Rey Mysterio?

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    1. What is "How I Got Millions of People Who Loved Me to Hate My Guts"?

    2. What does Triple H give Stephanie every time he wins a world title?

    3. What is "Little People, Big World?"

    4. What is thinking of RNN injury updates while reading get well notes?

    5. How much does one of Big Daddy V's man boobs weigh?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. What is "John Cena, My life and my 5 moves"

    2. What is diva's panties

    3. What is The View

    4. Touching himself at innapropriate times

    5. What is a terrible are code


  • fones
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    4 years ago

    a million. McDonalds: the position the position vast daddys call replaced into replaced to "vast Mac V" 2. length 2 shoes: Hornswoggles ft length? 3. Bob The Builder; Hornswoggles fave television educate! 4. behind the scenes on ECW: Colin Delaneys death please 5. position area replaced into planning to take Vicci for his or her honeymoom: Mcdonalds.

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    1 what book will i never read

    2 idk

    3 what isDora The Explorer

    4 What is play with himself

    5 how many pounds does big dady v need to lose

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. My life


    3. India strippers do canada

    4.masturbating to john cena


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