Why is the left's mantra "conservation/alternative energy" when addressing the energy crisis?

Why is it that the left will only consider conservation and alternative energy when it comes to solutions for the energy crisis? Conservation will only go so far, and it won't give any relief to the people paying at the pump. In addition, conservation doesn't solve the problem of meeting the energy needs of a growing population. The answer should be to increase supply, but the left seems to be terrified that we're going to destroy the environment in doing so. When this kind of fear invades our politics to the point of enslaving us to foreign interests, it needs to go the way of the dodo. Conservation is short term and individual. Alternative energy only works when you don't cause an energy defecit to create it (corn-based ethanol). We need real solutions, and we need them fast, because I don't know about you, but I'm sick of gas prices where they are while we have the means to lower them.


A few things, delphi:

1. There has never been proof that global warming is man-made, or anything except naturally occuring.

2. There hasn't been any environmental disaster with oil in for freakin ever. The oil platforms in the Gulf stood up to Katrina, fercrhissakes. I'm not destroying the environment by wanting more oil. And alternative fuels may exist, but the infrastructure for delivering them is not in place, nor is a viable fuel that doesn't cost more energy to make than it produces, while at the same time raising food prices. Alternatives are not enough.

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    The answer is energy independence. We need to do two things:

    1) Drill our own oil. Anwr is all for it and we know that ecologically, there will be very little impact. In fact, wildlife flourishes around pipelines.

    2) Develop alternative fuels in the free market. When we encourage alternative fuel development through the government, we move too quickly and have unintended consequences like people starving to death because everyone is growing corn for fuel. Beyond that, ethanol is BAD for the environment.

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    The extreme left is living in fantasy land.

    We have been working on alternative energy sources since the Carter administration, and we still do not have commercially viable and affordable sources of alternative energy.

    The alternative enrgy sources have either been too expensive or never materialized.

    Now we have run out of time.

    We need proven affordable sources of energy now, not alternative energy pipe dreams that may or may not materialize at some point in the distant future.

    Our best source on affordable concentrated energy is nuclear power plants.

    The radical extreme left exaggerates the challenges of nuclear power and unrealistically minimizes the risks to the United States of America of not having an affordable source of concentrated energy.

    The issue of nuclear waste is a politically manufactured issue because of laws that the extreme left managed to get on the books in the United States to ban the recycling of spent nuclear fuel rods.

    If those spent nuclear fuel raods were recycled as they are in France there would be no nuclear waste.

    The so called nuclear waste is actually valuable nuclear fuel that could be recycled to provide more nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants.

    Source(s): My experience. Over 40 years of Democratic Politics. Hilary Clinton in 2012 if not 2008. If Barack Obama is given the Democratic nomination, then John McCain in 2008.
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    Anyone who says we don't have the technology to run electric cars is nuts. If we keep polluting at this pace; in a hundred years we will be in serious trouble. It's called forward thinking. There's a reason most scientists are left leaning. It's because they're open to rational thought. The liberals have always succeeded in change. From civil rights to safety programs to protect our citizens and the future of our country. Cons could care less about anything but themselves. Our poor grandchildren will have to pay for today's Conservatives stupidity and ignorance. These people are truly the garbage of this country.

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    I support conservation efforts, but few realistic ones are ever implemented. For example, we could revamp our system of traffic signals, making them computer controlled and save lots of time and gas. It's very simple, but hasn't been done. Corn based ethanol has resulted in increased cost for corn and decreased fuel economy of vehicles using ethanol enriched gasoline. There isn't enough farmland for ethanol to be a viable replacement for oil-based gasoline. If the democrats ever come up with any realistic measures to produce energy or promote energy development then I'll be fully supportive of them. I'll also be very surprised!

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  • Tim M
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    Ther is no energy crisis. We thought we were out of oil 35 years ago.

    The left was calling for conservation and alternative energy to combat climate change. So, on their recommendation, we divert corn crops to feed cars rather than people. Now the left scream that conservatives are starving out the poor of the world because ethanol led to higher food AND fuel prices.

    The left must get on board and support nuclear power plants, or its credibility on climate change will take another solid kick.

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    What is your problem with trying to preserve the only flippin place we have to live. There are so many alternatives available. Research,development and innovation is what our country once stood for. And should again. I don't understand your complaint.

    Disagree. Do some research. There are things in place. I never said a thing about global warming. But since you brought it up. How can you believe that all the chemicals and poisons we dump into the air and water, don't have a negative effect on our environment. Foolishness is what that is. So you continue on your path. I on mine. And for the good of all maybe the opposing views will find a middle ground.

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    1. Oil is not renewable and so we need to come up with another type of fuel for our cars so we are not dependent on foreign oil.

    2. We need to conserve the amount of oil that we have so that we would be able to consume it during desperate circumstances such as catostrophic events.

    3. I would much perfer giving money to companies in America than giving money to arab nations.

    4. The use of oil as a fuel leads to a great deal of pollution that could possibly be curtailed through the use of new types of fuel such as hydrogen.

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    Because that is the lefts environmental agenda at work. They don't care how much gasoline costs , they are more concerned with the Caribou or some other marines mammals more then what oil costs.

    Its really an over all "back to the earth" mentality.

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    We need to develop Nuclear power plants.

    Car, trucks, buses and trains can run on electricity too.

    Now that computers need better batteries, their lifespan and recharge rates will improve exponentially in both directions.

    We have the grid, all we need to do is use it and get off the oil dinosaur before it consumes us.

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    They are just paying lip-service as they vote-pander to their gullible flock of sheep. They came to power in Congress over two years ago on the promise of lower fuel prices. I'm still waiting...

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