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How many Nuclear warheads does Israel have?

I have heard from 0 to 300. I believe it is in the hundreds. Does any body know?

Part two. If you believe Israel has lots of nukes, do you think Iran is planning to drop one on them?

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    The number of nuclear weapons they have is far too classified. Any other number is just speculation.

    Here's an idea from wiki but do not trust it for true facts

    I don't think Iran will drop a bomb on Israel, the MAD theory comes into effect. Unless some radical leader gets elected and decides to sacrifice the entire country for one nuclear strike...

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    there is not any conceivable evidence that they have got them. unlike fool American politicians who announce nationwide protection features on the floor of the Congress, or Presidents who enable severe tech missile preparation platforms to be bought to the enemy, the Israelis are surrounded via those who opt for to kill them, and hence they carry their playing cards heavily to their vests. The CIA, MI-5, or maybe the SVD (reborn KGB) are pikers compared to the Massad. As for wind route, Israel is upwind of their enemies, or too far south or too far north for fallout to reason a difficulty. If I were Jordan, i could be extra nerve-racking about Iran's missiles and nuke capacity than that of Israel. Have a blast on Y!A.

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    What nuclear weapons? Israel has neither confirmed not denied that it has nukes.

    Estimated warheads are about 400

    Iran couln't care less about Israel - they are more interested in intimidating the Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Dubai and of course Iraq

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    according to Jimmy Carter it's @ 150. For what that's worth.

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