Oracle experit?

to Oracle expret..its a real calling for help..

i need to learn Oracle .. i feel that am able to be creative in Oracle i love it but i don't know how to learn it.. i looked through several webpages but some thing is missing..i read many articles about Oracle but they don't give full explanation..any help..i don't want to attend any classes ... i believe on the self learning..i just need some advices..books,webpages ,forum any things make me strong in Oracle..

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    OCP (Oracle certification professional) is authorized by the Oracle Corporation International Certification Center for examination of candidates for accreditation. Candidates are asked to participate in the examination standards for the examination courses(general for 3~5 exams). After the adoption of all the examinations, the OCP can be certified

    At present OCP certification exam is divided into:

    Database Administrator, referred to DBA: Database administrator in charge of day-to-day management of the database, backup and restore the database after the collapse of the problem.

    Database Operator, referred to DBO: Database operators is mainly based on the Windows NT Oracle 8 database management, application can be skilled OEM tools such as the completion of the database operation and day-to-day management.

    Database Developer, referred to DEV: Database developers should be able to master the tools used to establish Developer/2000 Forms applications, the establishment of various standards and custom reports.

    Java Developer:Java developers examination.

    Application Consultant: Oracle Applications consultant.

    One, Oracle DBA is the most popular, but it is also the most difficult test of a certification. Oracle DBA certification exam is to provide a proof that the person competent Oracle DBA duties of this certification. This certification exam designed five independent examination, so that you can get a good knowledge certified

    Many free e-books can help you in your studying.

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    try to install the Oracle Express Edition (Oracle XE) on your computer. It's free, has acceptable web interface (standard sqlplus client is also included)

    Everything you learn with OracleXE is usable with the "bigger" (10g or 11g) versions.

    Depending on what you plan to do (database administration or SQL development) you should buy a good book from Oracle Press.

    Oracle Forums:

    In all other cases: Google is your friend.

    I assumed you're on Windows. There's of course also a Linux version.

    Source(s): years of experience with Oracle
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    I wish i could help you. All's I can do is wish you luck. I am a developer and find oracle to be very tedious. The resources stink. I would try a class. Sorry I know you don't want to. i am all about self teaching too, but I have found Oracle and unix/linux do not lend themselves to it

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