How can I avoid defecating while pushing out my baby or during delivery?

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    This really isn't an issue you have to worry too much about. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. A lot is going on with your body when you are giving birth and if by chance you do have some bowel movement, you may not even notice it happened. If it does, your doctor and the nurses are used to it and it simply goes onto a pad and the pad is removed, disposed of and is replaced by another. It is a normal and natural part of the birth process and nothing to be ashamed or worried about. About the time that more women were having babies in hospitals and not at home with a midwife, it became common for birth to be an overly sterile process and it was common for laboring women to be given an enema. Fortunately that has become a less common thing as it was determined to be unnecessary. Some women experience a bout of diarrhea in the beginning stages of labor and this can clear out a system pretty well, but it doesn't happen all the time. I am mom to 4 all born vaginally and truthfully I didn't know and didn't care if I had some bowel movement while giving birth. My mind was busy on other things at the time. After the birth, everything is cleaned up so there isn't even any signs if you did or didn't.

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    You can ask for an enema if you arrive at the hospital early enough. Otherwise, just give yourself one at home before you go to the hospital. I've had 4 babies and haven't defecated on the table, so I really wouldn't worry about it. I understand it is common enough and the staff really doesn't think anything of it. Good luck!

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    You can't. If you are pushing correctly and there is anything in your colon you problably WILL push out a little stool. You probably won't even notice, and the doctor/nurse/midwife won't say anything.

    Most women have a little diarrhea/frequent stools just before labor begins and in early labor, so there won't be much in your colon. But if there is ... and some comes out ... it's not a big deal.

    (Women used to get enemas in early labor in an attempt to keep this from happening [less for 'embarrassment' reasons than out of fear of infection], but it didn't help much, and they don't do it anymore. Still if you are really anxious, you could give yourself an enema while waiting around at home. It won't do any harm.)

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    You cant. And if you do, you wont even realize it or care, so dont worry! There will be MUCH more important things to be focusing on at the time. You'll be becoming a mother! Last thing anyone cares about is a little poop, darlin! Docs see it all the time. DONT use an enema. The last thing you need on top of the painful recovery after labor is a sore bum.

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  • Don't worry about it. I mean, you could give yourself an enema before you go to the hospital to give birth (which would be doing it while in labor) but in the end, you won't realize it happened. The nurses will have it whisked away before you know and you will be so focused on your beautiful child it wouldn't matter.

    Read Jenny McCarthy's baby book. She talks about her experience with that. The whole thing is hilarious.

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    You can request an enema beforehand, not eat if you are being induced...even if you do every Dr and nurse in there has seen it and worse before..It doesn't even phase them. They'll clean it out of the way and keep going.

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    I wondered this same thing... and asked my OB...

    I was told that you wont even feel yourself defecating, especially if you have an epidural. Most hospitals do a routine enema before the delivery and that should take care of it... so no worries :O)

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    I'm not sure it is that common, but it really isn't that big of a deal if it happens. Sometimes, it just happens. You won't care and neither will the staff.

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    I dont know if its that common... I didnt do this during my labor... you usually dont want fod prior to labor and during labor that dont give you any...sooo I went about 32 hours w/o food by that time... even if I did I wouldnt have cared. :) good luck!!

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    i dont think you can. its not a big deal if you do. i did lol. only a teeny bit lol. i didnt care though and my husband only told me after i was already holding my baby. the doctors and nurses see it all the time.

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