Fantasy Baseball Team Name?

Does anyone have any good ideas for a team name for my fantasy baseball team? I have Chipper Jones, and he is doing really good this year, so I kinda wanna incorporate him into my team name if possible.

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    I currently go by the name of Morganna's Kiss (a throwback to Morganna the kissing bandit from back in the day)...That doesn't really help your Chipper incorporation though.

    How 'bout one of these:

    Chipper Off The Ol' Block (Where the name Chipper came from)

    Jonesing for Chipper

    Fish and Chipper

    Chipper Hits Balls

    Gilligan & The Chipper

    Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. (Chipper's real name)

    Chipper Likes Hooters (He had an affair with a Hooters girl - which broke up his marriage)

    Chipper Chardonnay (His charity wine)

    Although some of the names are obscure, they offer a good icebreaker for a conversation on your pool's message board...Also, it makes you look SUPER knowledgable!

    Hope this helps you.

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    I go with out-there names. I am currently Prom Night Dumpster Babies.

    Last year I was Cory Lidle Goes Boom, before that I was Pavanoverrated, Jeter has AIDS, 5 Bux 2 Yankee off, etc.

    I'm a red sox fan, making fun of the Yanks is one of my passtimes!

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    C.H.I.P.S (An old motorcycle police show)


    Wood Chipper

    Chipper Snappers

    Shea Hey Kid (Chippers' sons' name is Shea,because it's his favorite ballpark to hit in.)

    ~~Good Luck!~~

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    .400 BA Club

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    Well here are a few-



    9 MM


    horned frogs




    the golden penguins


    good luck with your season hope u win

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