I have a question about reinstalling my Broadcom Wireless LAN driver...?

On Saturday, my wireless connection worked one second and then didn't the next. The wired connection works, the router works and our other computers can find our network wirelessly. I thought something was wrong with my wireless card, but my card can still find other available networks, just not our own.

I'm waiting to hear back from HP about the whole situation. While waiting, I've been trying to find other tips on how to figure out why it's not finding our own network. I saw somewhere about reinstalling my wireless adapter driver and part of my adapter got uninstalled today.

I want to get back that part of the adapter that got uninstalled - so I looked at my reference guide that came with the PC and it said if the program is still on the computer, personal settings aren't affected, but if the program has been deleted personal settings can't be restored.

If just part of the adapter got uninstalled, will anything be affected if I reinstall Broadcom Wireless LAN driver?

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    Depends on what you meant with "anything"!

    If you reinstall Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver [*.sys, *.dll], it will replace your current installation to the default values, thus all files in the Program Files\Broadcom Wireless LAN folder and Windows\System32 folder will be replaced with default versions from its installer.

    If you upgraded the driver using the 'net, through MS Update, or HP update, you need to upgrade it again after re-installation.

    If you reinstall, the registry entries will also change and the personal settings, such as password/s, customized user settings for wireless, would be deleted and they cannot be restored.

    What you could do is copy these settings manually or you could browse [Start\Run\regedit.exe] for the registry entries for Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver and save the whole branch one *.reg file. Then merge this *.reg entries to the registry after reinstallation of the driver.

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    What you want is the drivers out of your computer producer's internet website. (What style computer do you've?) once you've an ethernet port for a less than pressure connection, then you definately could attempt to enable that to be particular a non eternal connection to the web so that you'll acquire the necessary application. If that would now no longer obtainable, then what you're prepared to do is to maintain on with yet another (assistance superhighway appropriate) computer to receive the appliance rigidity kit then pass it via usb rigidity (or yet another media) on your computer.

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