If we were selling a product or a service?

If we were selling a product or a service is there a difference on how we would have an internet presence and what that internet presence should do

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    1 decade ago
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    The short answer to your question is YES.

    As you browse the Internet, you will find some sites that are definitely designed to sell products and others that are designed to promote services. Some sites do both.

    An Internet site that sells a product should be designed to do just that. Your site should make it easy for Customers to locate the products they want, submit payment, and arrange delivery. (That's just for starters.)

    An Internet site that promotes a service may or may not be less interactive than a site that sells. If you are promoting service you may want to include an area for customer testimonials or case studies. You may also want to consider having a Blog on your site, where experts from your company could provide timely, useful information about your industry to clients and prospective customers. Such a blog requires a commitment on your part, however, to keep it timely and up-to-date. You may want to refresh it at least once a week if not more often.

    Before you build ANY web site, you should establish definite Objectives as to what it is you want your web site to accomplish. You need to understand who your readers are and what information they expect to find, and know how you want your customers to use that information.

    Good luck.

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