Help me out Plan B side effects?

i had sex a couple of times over the last weekend (it was two weeks after the first day of my last period), we used a condom and to my knowledge it did not break. However, i just felt weird and took plan B two days later to be safe (it was four days later if you count the first time we had sex and two days after last time we had sex). Now a week after taking plan B i just feel odd. My period is not suppose to start for about another week but my pelvic and lower abdomine area feels heavy like there is pressure this started about a day after i took plan B and my nipples are very tender but not the rest of my breast ( and there is no color change) this started about five days after taking Plan B. I don't feel sick but for awhile i had no desire to eat food now i am fine eating... I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative but its way too early to actually trust that... i dont know what to do could i be pregnant or has anyone else had these side effects after plan B?

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    That's about right. Plan B causes your period to come about a week after you take it. If you read the box it will tell you that. It even says it will throw off your normal schedule. Plan B is just like taking highly concentrated doses of the birth control pill, which is a form of regulating your period. Now, if it was 4 days after you initially had sex then Plan B would not work for the first time. Plan B only works within a 3 day time frame. If you used a condom and it did not break (ask the person you had sex with if it did - he would know) then you should be fine. But to answer your question - Plan B definitely screws up your menstrual cycle.

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    Considering the time frame of having sex and taking the pill, your chances of being pregnant are slim. Plan B has a usual effect of cramps, light period or spotting. You also have to remember that while you have been stressing out about this, your body has been feeling the stress which can cause it to act in not so normal ways. Weather can aslo affect your period and sometimes your body can give off symptoms of being pregnant when you really arent. I'd say not to worry about it to much, take another test if you are still scared, but more than likely you've just stressed out your body a little to much lately.

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    The abortion pill is full of hormones that mess with your normal body functions. Our bodies are not supposed to have other things that it normally isn't supposed to have. This pill takes a fertilized egg and flushes it out instead of it attaching. There are many side effects besides killing a baby. And yes, there have been people that have been pregnant when this didn't work.

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