How and where can I find a Summer job for NY teen in Florida?

My 15yr old nephew is going to Florida this summer (kissimmee/Orlando area) and he wants to work. He has his NY working papers but I was told in order for him to work in Florida during the summer he has to be a resident there, is that true? If not where are some good places he could go to find a job?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    If I were your nephew, I can easily go to the fastfood chains, or the better restaurants around town. Better yet if family relations in FL have friends working in the same industry(ies) who can point out openings in their respective jobs. But my favorite, maybe his also, is to take airport jobs in Fort Lauderdale, where there are no idle hours, and he can learn a lot and see a lot of beautiful tourists, too. How about ticketing orreservation jobs? Who knows, he might even develop the love to fly as a career in life. (That has been my dream when I was younger! )

    In reality, if he is only careful in his choice, summer jobs should not only be for easy money, but as a precursor or gateway/intro to a lifetime career. He might discover there what he would like to do. Definitely, he would not like flipping burgers all his life, unless he wants to upstage McDonalds.

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