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paint color for my room?

I am painting my room this week and I need ideas. I don't have any pictures (sorry) but my room is filled with dark and light pink accents. I have a mattress cover that has a design on it that is dark and light pink, and brown. I also have pictures of tropical settings that show a lot of blue. And my room has a small, small amount of purple. Any suggestions as to what color of paint goes with these other colors?

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    play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find something that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the "painted" rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:

    I think it would look great if you paint it a muted purple like "chinchilla" (# 6011).

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    Since you are already working with pink, blue and brown (and a little bit of purple), I don't think you need any more colors. I would opt for white, to keep it crisp and clean to match your tropical setting on your pictures. They should be the focal point, along with your bed. By having a white background the prints should really "pop" and show up nicely in your room. Sheer white panels on your windows would also bring in the tropical feeling you are fond of. Some beach like potpourri, that has shells and starfish in it, placed in a blue or pink bowl would give the scent of the theme also. Now if only you can bring the sound of the ocean to your room, you'd be set! Good luck!

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  • If you've got a lot of one colour on your furniture, don't paint your walls with it. Too overwhelming.

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    white or minty blue maybe???? i really want to paint my room too but i have to tidy it up first !!!!! :P

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