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seriously who else is tired of?

i know wrestling is scripted and fake (save for accidental injuries)

this is a 2 parter...

who else is tired of seeing vicky in a wheelchair? when she's soooo not injured

and who is tierd of edge in all his over rated glory?

i'm really tired of the story line. i watch it when my fiance watchs it. i get a kick out of how fake most of it looks. i'm not a die hard fan

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    I'm tired of Vickie, but not so much Edge. I feel bad for Edge because he's stuck in a horrible storyline with Vickie, who is doing nothing but bringing him down. Edge is a pretty decent wrestler and has good mic skills and he's capable of doing so much more than wheeling around Vickie's fat a**, who really does need to get up and walk (and shed a couple pounds from the exercise). They need to break up Edge and Vickie, get rid of her, and let Edge go back to being the great and entertaining heel that he once was.

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    Edge and Vickie are a worthless couple. That story is just to lead to Chavo anbd Edge when he realizes that Edge is trying to replace his Uncle Eddie.

    What is bothering me the most is the fact that people answer these questions in Wrestling catagory with, I can't believe how fake wrestling it is and it sucks. How horrible this or that is. Hey, you are answering questions in a wrestling catagory. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN THIS TOPIC IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT! That is my complaint and it was not scripted nor did the punches hurt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Vickie = Tombstone

    By KANE.

    Vickie= Chokeslam

    Vickie = Powerbomb thru table

    Vickie= The BBQ result of facing Kane in an inferno match

    Source(s): THE BIG RED "George Foreman Griller" MACHINE.
  • jdog
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    Yes Adam "Horse Face" Copeland AKA Edge is overrated and Vicky is still acting hurt from when Chris Benoit Knocked her off the ring.

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  • mah
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    3 years ago

    She is exactly what the writers intend her to be. egocentric, rude and unwilling to take blame for some thing she does or says. this is the nature they planned on, and Allison Sweeney is an fairly sturdy actress to tug it off the way she does. i'm extra aggravated at Carrie, she is only a whiny, spoiled brat. The writers are making Lucas right into a whipped weakling. it really is nerve-racking. Bashing is okay.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I HATE the stupid storylines of the wwe. and vicky guerro is kinda offending real disabled ppl wen she sits on the wheelchair. edge is totally overrated. Hes got NUTHING going from him and I saw on wikipedia dat ever since that storyline started the rating of smackdown is going down.

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    Yup, the think with Vicki makes no sense and Edge is way overrated.

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    I haven't seen it for a while, but even a few years ago wrestling had lost the certain innocence, and a good deal of the humour, that it had at one point. It used to be very tongue-in-cheek. Now it is far too sleazy and lacking in any subtlety.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am also tired of this storyline which started in November 2007 but there will be a time where Edge will tell her that He doesn't need her help anymore.

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    Im just tired of the product altogether. I hope the draft 'shakes things up again' as Vince likes to say

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