Gm mm m km cm?

can you name the smallest and to the biggest, Gm mm m km cm

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    No problem Electra!

    From smallest to largest:


    To help you remember: milli always means thousandths (smallest unit) I can literally put a milli in front of anything I want and it would still mean a thousandth of the proceeding letter.


    mkiamb (milli-kicks-in-a-midget's-butt) is one thousandth of one kick in a midget's butt.

    Centi always refers to a hundreth (think of it like a cent, a cent is a hundredth of a dollar).


    cd (centi dollar; which is a unit that doesn't exist but can easily be understood) is in fact one hundredth of a dollar which is nothing more than a common penny (or a cent).

    Think of meters as the measuring unit and every letter before (the "m" for meters) is the adjustment to meters. For example think of meters as yourself, where your height is one meter, but we may get ourselves into situations when we need to measure items less than your height (less than a meter) so we may break down your height into smaller units (situations where we use mm or cm, where mm can be for example are the heels of your shoes and cm's is the height from your ankles to the bottom of your shoes.), in other situations what we're measuring uses A LOT of "you" (we'd have to clone you and stack the versions of you on top of each other) and it's just too tedious to say 1000 Electra's so we use words like one BIG KICKASS ELECTRA (assuming a Big Electra is equal to 1000 normal sized Electra's) or a GIGANTIC ELECTRA (1,000,000 normal Electra).

    Kilo always means 1000 and giga always refers to 1 billion.

    Ok what if you're studying for an exam and you need to remember this, well I got something for you, wear heels and remember that they're at the absolute BOTTOM of your body which means that it's the smallest point, just keep telling your self my heels are my mm's. Wear an anklet or just remember that your ankles/anklet is cm's, they're a bit higher than your heels but not bigger than your whole body (which we've called a meter). Remember that one big Kickass electra (there's a reason I capitalised the K) is one km, bigger than an electra but smaller than a GiGantic Electra (notice the G is capital to help you remember that it's gm).

    In summary:

    Your heels smallest part of your body = mm's

    Your ankles till the bottom of your heels = cm's

    Your Body = m

    1,000 you/one Kickass electra = km

    1,000,000,000 you/one GiGantic electra = gm.

    YIKES THANKS TREVOR FOR CORRECTING ME! I might have led her to even more confusion (don't worry I edited myself now the info should be perfectly accurate).

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    mm cm m km Gm

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    mm cm m km Gm

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    To clarify the answer from Bader K: The prefix milli means one thousandth of the unit (not a millionth as stated) You know that a millimetre is one thousandth of a metre. A millionth of any unit is called a micro- the abreviation is µ

    A millionth of a metre would be written µm, a thousandth of a metre is written mm

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