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Wendy asked in 科學及數學生物學 · 1 decade ago

Cell bio and genetic MC questions..thx

1. Diffusion is active process.

b.driven by the intrinsic kinetic energy of a molecule.

c.the result of molecules tending to move out unevenly.

d.the movement of molecules from a low- to a high-solute concentration.

2.As a doctor, you are examining a patient who recently experienced some liver damage as a side effect of the medication that she was taking for an unrelated medical condition. You explain to her that the liver problem may take some time to resolve as certain liver cells have a cell cycle of about

a. 24 hours.

b.6 weeks.

c.6 months.

d.1 year.

3. The nuclear lamina is

a structural framework of proteins on the inner surface of the nuclear membrane.

b.the innemost of the two nuclear membranes.

c.the very thin, dark staining membrane that surrounds the nucleolus.

d.the meshwork of proteins that give shape to the nuclear pores.

4.You are comparing the events of meiosis I in cells from several different organisms. You come across one species in which you do not observe any chiasmata. Based on this information you are observing

a. independent chiasmata formation in Drosophila males.

b.independent chiasmata formation in Drosophila females.

c.achiasmata segregation in Drosophila ma

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