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    State(or Explain) in this box the reason for being resumed with submission of certified documents such as medical certification, certificate of discharge, dipolma. etc.

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    diploma, 上面拼錯了

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    如果這句話是寫在欄位裡面,形式也可以這樣 State(or Explain) below in the box the reason....documents (i.e. medical ..........etc.)

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    any of the enclosed sets of lines and spaces on a printed form

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    diploma: a certificate issued to a student by a school, college, or university, indicating graduation or the conferring of a degree

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    不過醫生診斷證明是 medical examination certification

    discharge本身就可以是一個證明,a certificate of dismissal from military service所以退伍令應該就可以省略certificate,直接 the discharge from military service...

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    Explain in the box the reason for being resumed with submission of certified documents i.e. medical examination certification, the discharge from military service, dipolma, etc.

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    英文解釋都是參考copy from



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    the reason "of" being resumed....忘了改

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    復職,後來朋友告知,應該是reinstate這個字,so the correct answer should be ".....the reason of being reinstated with submission of "corroborative" documents~~證明文件也需改成corroborative....

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    In this column please stated the reasons and supporting documentations of reinstatement. i.e. medical examination certification, military service discharge certification, education degree certification etc…

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