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在英國發行的第一首單曲叫做“心情超好”(High),一開始沒有受到很大的關注。直到他的單曲“美麗的你”(You're Beautiful)發行,他才漸漸被大家所注意。

他目前發行兩張個人專輯,第一張專輯在2004年發行“不安於室”(Back to Bedlam)並借助單曲“美麗的你”(You're Beautiful)一舉成名,第二張專輯在2007年發行” 失落的靈魂(All The Lost Souls)”,當中有幾首有名的歌像是Goodbye My Lover、You're Beautiful、1973、I'll Take Everything。而且今年5月17號來台北開了一場演唱會,很可惜我沒空去,他的歌無時無刻都很適合聽,我想我會繼續支持他的!!

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    The first single tune distributes which in England is called "the mood

    ultra to be good" (High), as soon as starts not to receive the very

    big attention. "Beautiful you" (You're Beautiful) distributes until

    his single tune, he only then gradually pays attention to by

    everybody. He at present distributes two individual special editions,

    the first special edition distributes in 2004 "restlessly (Back to

    Bedlam) and draws support from the single tune the room" "beautiful

    you" (You're Beautiful) to become famous overnight, the second special

    edition distributes "the soul in 2007 which loses (All The Lost

    Souls)", middle has several famous songs pictures is Goodbye My Lover,

    You're Beautiful, 1,973, I'll Take Everything. Moreover this May 17

    came Taibei to hold 演唱會, was a pity very much I did not have

    spatially go, his song constantly all very suitablly listened, I

    thought I could continue to support him! !

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