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1. 收妥您桌上的個人物品。例如: 手提電腦、杯子、零食等。

2. 飲水機、電器用品、桌面、魚缸需覆蓋,椅背上不可放置衣服。

3. 於施工完成後,杯、碗、盤等器皿及桌面、電器用品,務必清洗或擦拭後方可使用。

4. 桌下請暫時清空,勿擺放任何物品,以利地毯清洗。

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    1.Please tidy up the stuff on your desk. ex:laptop, cup, snack...etc.

    2.Drinking fountain, electric appliance, desk-top, fish bowl need to be covered. Don't put the clothes on the back of chairs.

    3.After the construction, all containers for food, desk-top or electric appliance need to be clean before you use it.

    4.Please empty the space under your desk for this time, we are going to clean the carpet.

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    3.After....need to be "cleaned" before...

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