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    Franklin is US's founder, the great democratic warrior, the humanity

    and the rational incarnation, in the human history most has the

    magnificent achievement one of thinker, scientist and writers. He

    regardless of makes any, all does one's best happy and is warm does.

    In the autobiography, Franklin recorded loyal, rigorous, has been

    diligent and thrifty, the doctrine of the mean and other morality, was

    allowed to see how he did encourage the learning capability, to strive

    constantly for self-improvement steps onto the successful road.

    hope this can help you a lot.=D

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    is "Franklin is US's founder "

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    Franklin is the United States to create, the democracy Dou of the greatness private, humality and reasonableness of incarnation, mankind there is most one of the thinker, scientist and author of glorious achievement on the history.


    He no matter does what, all with all ones heart of the pleased and passionate ground do.In the autobiography, Franklin recorded to say honest, careful, industrious and frugal, the doctrine of the mean and other characters, can see he how the Di Li learn a line and exert and strive without stop of walk the road of success.

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