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If The Godfather were being remade today, who would you cast?

Who would you cast for the characters, and who would you hire to be director?

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  • Mike A
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    Geoffrey Rush as The Godfather reprising Marlon Brando's role.

    Josh Harntett as The Consigliere reprising Robert Duval's role

    Timothy Olyphant as Michael Corleone reprising Al Pacino's role

    Keira Knightley as Michael's wife reprising Diane Keaton's role

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldnt even phantom the thought of The Godfather being remade until i saw your question

    Brian De Palma or Robert De Niro (Director)

    Robert Downy Jr- Michael Corleone

    Viggo Mortenson- Sonny Corleone

    Marisa Tomei - Connie Corleone

    James Gandolfini- Don Vito Corleone

    Ed Harris- Tom Hagen

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  • 1 decade ago

    Paul Sorvino is the only actor I think that could replace Brando for this one.

    A real long shot would be Dom DeLoise, but I think he would want to do just one serious role in his lifetime.

    To replace Al Pacino, Leonard DiCaprio would seem the best move. He certainly has the intensity and is about the right age.

    Either the Coen Brothers or Quintin Tarantino should direct. Martin Scorsese is the obvious choice for director; but I think Scorsese is too associated with mob movies. I doubt if the subject matter holds any more interest for him. I love Scorsese's movies; but I think he needs to jump a bit out of the rut.

    Joel & Ethan Coen have proven they can tackle just about any genre and they did an exceptional job on "Miller's Crossing" which covers simmilar territory.

    Tarantino has the capablity to do it, but he has sort of lost his way lately. This type of movie might bring him back towards the popularity and respect he deserves.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good Queston!!!!

    Umm.... casting would be really tough but maybe put Andy Garcia back because he was the last godfather. Director maybe Scott Ridley or Martin Scorsese

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