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good activities in new zealand?

what are some good activities (such as that thing with the ball when you roll down the hill) to do in New Zealand?

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    Holy, there are some stupid people out there. Shooting the dumb birds that don't fly, huh? Please.

    Anywho, sorry about that. I had to say something.

    Now for good activities in New Zealand, it really depends on what you think good is.

    For the extreme tourist, New Zealand has everything:

    Bungy Jumping - You could do it in Auckland or Queenstown.

    White water rafting - There are plenty of Grade 5 rapids for the hardcore enthusiast like the Kaituna or the Wairoa rivers.

    Black water rafting - Black water rafting is sweet. Not a lot of people know what it is, but it's tubing in underground rivers. It's really hearty and not really recommended for the claustraphobic. You can check out this site for more info on that.

    Skiing - You could ski in the North and South Island. Mt Tongariro and Ruapehu in the North and of course there is the Southern Alps in the South Island.

    Surfing - You wont find swells like the ones on the Northshore of Hawaii, but if you're lucky there are some good places to visit. Piha is a nice beach. It does get pretty big out there 4-8 ft swells. Or down in Westport you can get 6-8 ft swells. Raglan is a pretty cool beach too, it actually breaks goofy the whole beach which is something that's really different.

    Whale-watching - In Kaikoura. It's really cool.

    Swimming with the dolphins in Whakatane.

    Go experience the Moari Culture in Rotorua. Do a dinner theatre shoe and have some Hangi. It's delicious. You can go to Skyline Skyrides there too and go on the Luge that's cool too and then go down the hill to the Agrodome or Fairy Springs Farm and learn about sheep.

    Wow, that's a lot of suggestions. I could keep going but I wont. Hope it helps.

    Cheers, and enjoy your stay.

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    Yes you defanitly have to go Zorbing! That is sooo much fun... although it is a short ride down the hill you have to do it. Also sky diving is a must. It is much cheaper in New Zealand than here in the states, and on the North Island you can sky dive over an inactive volcano! Also, kayaking and hiking outside nelson (I cant remember the name, but is a very well known beach spot about 30 minutes out of nelson).They will take you out on a speed boat to a remote beach, drop you off and let you hike back. The trails were sooo beautiful and half the time you end up on secluded a beach were you could nap or have lunch. Amazing!!

    Also, Milford sounds is a must do! Take a boat ride to see some scenery that will take your breathe away!

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    there's loads, for goodness sake we are the home of the outdoor activity:

    black water rafting (like white water but with a tyre around you & you go through caves), white water rafting, tramping (bushwalking), jumping off the Sky Tower in Auckland, watersports galore,, bungy jumping, base jumping, hot air ballooning, horse trekking, caving, surfing, tramping up volcanoes (only takes an hour to go up Rangitoto out in Auckland Harbour, stunning view when you get there), skiiing, mountaineering, ecotourism like kiwi tours on Stewart Island (see real kiwi's in the bush) & Karori Wildlife Park in Wellington have a night tour to see kiwi's also, whale watching tours, swim with the dolphins, seal lion & penguin tours, train trips through stunning scenery - Tranz alpine, etc, etc.

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    That's called the Zorb and it's fantastic fun! If you visit i.e Rotorua when in NZ, there are many outdoor activities like this for you to do, but wherever you go there are so many fun and exciting outdoor activities...enjoy your trip.

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    jumping off sky tower, white water rafting, black water rafting, abseiling, Jetboat tours, fishing, beach hopping, diving, canyon valley (sky canyn) skiing, water skiing, Zorbing, Helicopter hunts, hiking, treking, wining and dining - meeting new people, hitching NZ, camping - hiring a minivn and touring NZ, bungy, reverse bungy, skywalk the Sky tower, 4WD, mountain biking, Pig Hunting, Conservation dept tours, Mud pools, hot pools, natural springs, Orakei Korako, Fishing...

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    hunting and shooting those dumb birds that dont fly

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