Is there a bookmarklet for that will instantly save a bookmark without loading the confirm page?

When using the standard "post to" bookmarket from, it asks you to add more info such as tags and then click the save button. I'm looking for a way to just have it automatically save it without asking me any questions and preferably not having it take me to another webpage.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    About half way down under " Bookmarklets". This person seems to have solved this--with a variety of nice bookmarkets.

    Hint: the "done" notification is returned as an XML value... so if you're using Safari, you won't see anything unless you hit "view source". Firefox should render the XML so you can read it. (I use Safari, but I know it's "done" when I see the little "lock" icon appear in the upper right of the new window, indicating that I've logged in to the secure site. Usually only takes a second or two.

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