Salmonella in tomatos, spinach, and green onions........?

Whats next and where is it coming from?

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    Salmonella is carried by water and animals. E-coli can also infect produce. Two or three years ago (you may remember), spinach from California cause a nation wide e-coli scare. It was caused from flooding. The water that flooded the spinach fields was not from a potable source. Alfalfa sprouts are also susceptible because of how they grow in the soil.

    FYI: E-coli is only found in animal feces. The reason that ground beef is so dangerous is that when it is processed, they use every part of the cow. This includes intestines, which contain feces. Steaks can be served rare (130 F) in restaurants because they do not come into contact with feces. The health department requires restaurants to cook ground beef to 155 F.

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    cause the farmers are watering their pastures with reclaimed poop water (sewer water) and its up to you as a consumer to wash your produce well.. They have fizzy tablets sold in stores you can soak and wash your greens in, but they are nothing more than chlorine tablets... My grandmother taught me to fill up your sink or a bucket with cool water. pour 2 tablespoons of chlorox bleach in it.. and wash/rince your vegetables well in this solution and it kills off any viruses, bacteria.... She knew about this 50years ago... we can learn something from our elders.... ^-^

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