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Does anyone know how can i make my makeup look like this(picz)?

well how does she do her makeup how does she have like that glow what do you think she puts oh her face???

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    She has on a very good foundation, most likely a cream eyeshadow, and a bronzer/highlighter on her cheeks. She obviously is wearing mascara and eyeliner as well. I've listed below the products from Avon I think would be the closest to achieve this look. I would add a touch of base powder before adding the highlighter, so your skin is sparkly, not oily. And use a good moisturizer on your skin before applying makeup to allow for smoother application.

    (I'd go black or brown on eyeliner)

    Most likely bronzed is going to give you a similar effect, OR

    in Meringue

    (Brown or black, depending on your skin tone)

    Apply very lightly to any area normally hit by the sun - nose, forehead, and cheekbones. I'd highlight the cheeks with the glimmer eyeshadow, above (not the cream, the first one)

    In neutral

    GREAT lip gloss, pick your shade!

    And if you don't like something, it's fully returnable and refundable to your local Avon Rep, or you can order direct from the website and return directly. Good luck!!!

    Source(s): Avon Representative
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    The "glow" is given off by using iridescent face powders. Mac has some, they are the Mineralize SkinFinish compacts. They also have the new limited edition Fafi pressed powders that serve the same purpose. Also the Iridescent Loose and Pressed powders, they ranger from 21 to 25 dollars but the compact itself lasts you a long time. I think they may have some drugstore brands such as Loreal or Revlon that do the same thing at CVS or Walgreens too, I'm not too sure. Good luck!

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    It's alot of makeup,it looks like,but it's pretty on her.She has alot of foundation on and bronzer.You can also just use tinted moisturizer.I use laura mercier,and she has one of the best tinted moisturizers out right now.You can use a luminizer to make your skin glow with or without the foundation.But if you have beautiful skin I would just use a tinted moisturizer with the luminizer.Summer time is coming so you wouldn't want to cake on regular foundation.Also,a primer will help for any type of foundation to glide on smoothly and to keep last for a long time,and it will help to glide on smoothly.Sephora or Ulta stores have different types of great make-up.Expensive than regular department stores,but worth it if you want to get great brands of make-up.

    Hope this helps you.

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    It's a metallic makeup. Most likely gold or bronze. You can probably pick it up in a drugstore or a Sephora. If you have a makeup counter in your mall or local hyperstore, you can probably ask, and they'll give you a better answer than me, and most likely, some very good tips.

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    1put foundation

    2put black eyeliner on your eyelids and a white shimmering eyeshadow on your lids and brown shimmer on your creases and near your eyebrows..

    3put bronzer as your blush and add some shimmer..

    4curl your eyelashes and put mascara

    5pink lip gloss

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    use bronzer on your cheeks on your eyelids use loreal hip flamboyant yellow on your lips use a smackers whipped cream or lip gloss or a almost clear pink. on your cheeks use a gold shimmer .use max factor golden highlights mascara.use some thin black eyeliner

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    She uses a bronzer over her foundation and cover up.... Then her eyes are like a liquid shimmer eye make up!!

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    i think she puts on a bronzer!

    there is also a powder that has shimmer on it...

    i have one!

    cover girl makes it and it costs about 8 dollars!

    u could get it in different skin tones

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    butits probably lots of foundation and bronzer and that stuff!

    but really dont do that if you use that much it will clog your pores and youll get lots of acne! DONT DO IT!!

    You are probably pretty enough that you dont need to put that much make up on!

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    its pretty ugly and like someone above me said, loads of foundation and looks caked on!! nasty

    but if u really want to look teh hideous then here:

    Thick line of eyeliner (black)

    lots of mascara

    some shiny brown eyeshadow all over, then right at the base of the eyelid, silver eyeshadow.

    lots of foundation all over, and then bronzer over to make that "sunkissed" look

    its not taht pretty just to let you know, it looks really bad so whatever

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