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Whats the penalty in texas when charged with child endangerment ?

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    Endangerment laws make it a crime to endanger the health or life of a child through an adults recklessness or indifference.

    Some common examples include:

    * Leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle

    * Driving while intoxicated with a child in the motor vehicle

    * Hiring a person with a known history of sexual offenses as a childcare provider

    * Serving alcohol to an underage driver

    * Leaving a young child unsupervised or in the care of another young child

    * Unreasonable corporal punishment resulting in bodily injury

    * Drug manufacturing in the presence of a child

    a young child unsupervised in an unsafe area

    * Failure to report suspected child abuse

    The penalties for endangering a child can vary. In Texas it can include imprisonment up to 20 years.

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