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General Surgeon?????/?/?

What does a general surgeon do in private practice and how can they make there lifestyle better and last but not least is general surgery residency hard?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    General surgeon in private practice today has to decide their area of work because field is very vast.

    A general surgeon operates from a small Incision and drainage procedure to most sophisticated and complex surgeries. You can choose what you want,you can choose to do lot of surgeries or you can limit yourself to do some specific surgeries only.

    Laparoscopy is routine now and almost all general surgeons are going for it.

    Going for newer techniques and keeping up-to -date with knowledge is must to survive and to give best results not only for general surgeon but for any medial-professional as he deals with human life.

    There is no single life style pattern to that applies to everyone.

    First and foremost is "get organised ".

    Concept of "balance"is also very important,balance between professional and personal life,because it's not only becoming a good surgeon ,it's about becoming a good person also.

    You should have "good interpersonal skills".

    Choose a medical line you love doing,if you love surgery, then you will not find surgical residency hard. But yes ,you need to work hard and for long hours.The professional demand on time and energy may be exhausting.

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  • 4 years ago

    General surgeon can do any type of surgeries that should be in the ligally.

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