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Ron asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 1 decade ago

Pluto conjunct ascendant in libra rising??

I made a major mistake about the degree of my rising sign,because as it turns out my birth time was 1:30 P.M instead of 2:30 P.M ,and this gives me a higher degree of libra ascendant at about 18 degrees,and what my real question is that i have pluto about 2 degrees away from my ascendant,and since my birth time was way (i can't believe this) what does having pluto in libra rising add to the personality?

All this time i thought my birthtime was 2:30 P.M and i just found my birth certificate and it said 1:30 P.M so i went to to calculate my chat and it gave me libra at 18 degrees so i made a mistake.

Would that make me more like a "scorpio" since pluto rules scorpio? I'm so confused about this now.

Astrologers please help me with this!


Can anyone help me out with this please and tell me what it means?

Update 2:

omg left-t that is soo true about me.I also have my natal sun square to pluto.

Update 3:

omg left-t that is soo true about me.I also have my natal sun square pluto.

Would this planet give me more intensity to my personality,and would i act like a scorpio too as well as a libra rising?

Update 4:

I think this is why i am defensive and quick to anger a lot of times.

Update 5:

Ok since i finally got this straightened out for good is it true that when pluto is rising it usually adds an intensity to your physical appearance?

Because i have like piercing type eyes and dark hair so is that true?

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  • 5 years ago

    Hmm I've been trying to figure out my real rising sign traits cuz i have a conjunction with saturn at 15° libra and then pluto is slightly above my ascendant both at 24° libra then it also conjucts to jupiter at 0° scorpio i seen that jupiter is rated my strongest planet and the only one that's after my ascendant in the first house so I was thinking jupiter in scorpio would kind of be like my ascendant

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi RonE. Sorry to bust in on your Q, but just wanted to let you know not to feel bad. The same thing happened to me. I thought I was born at such and such a time, but then I called the hospital where I was born, and found out different. It can happen man.

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