whats the meaning behind the confederate flag?

What is the meaning? is there something racist about it? do you think the confederate flag should be taken away since the south lost?

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    The Confederate battle flag (as I assume you're talking about) is a symbol of resistance to tyranny, and the right of self government. When the South seceded from the union (that it voluntarily entered), it did so in accordance with the same guarantees of self-government that the original thirteen colonies.

    The War for Southern Independence had nothing to do with slavery. Lincoln himself stated that he was only interested in forcing the Southern States back into the union. He offered to let them return to the Union with slaves. If the South was concerned with retaining slavery, the best course of action would have been to return to the union.

    What the South was concerned with, however, was the right to self government. There were many economic issues that had been plaguing the union for some time. Most prominent was the tariff, which unfairly and adversely effected the South, while benefiting the North. This led to much controversy over the years.

    The tensions between the two sections had been going on for many years, and ultimately was the product of a clash of two cultures.

    It would have been better, from the beginning, to follow the advice of Patrick Henry. The North and South should have been two countries, and not one, because the cultures were so different.

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    History is the past and should be remembered. The actions people choose to represent the confederate flag put a stain on the true meaning of what it represents. As I understand, it represents the 13 states that agreed to self govern themselves. . However it does not change the evil actions people did hiding behind the confederate flag. The flag by itself is just a flag. I do believe that we have become a powerful nation when we became a united nation. 50 states are stronger than 13. As long as we are a people united as one nation we will be one force until the world unites as one human race. We are for the Glory of God.

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    My family fought on both sides of the War. It was a horrible war that killed and maimed too many Americans. I don't get why anyone is hanging onto that. It would be good to honor the lessons learned by both sides of that war by not dividing our country ever again. I think the battle flag of the Confederacy should be retired to the past and only used to teach our country's history. We should fly the present flag which represents all 50 states. I see a UNITED States when I see the present flag and think about the sacrifices all Americans made throughout our country's history to be what we are today.

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    The red field represents the blood of christ. The white border represents the protection of god. The blue X represents the christian cross of St. Andrew, the first desciple of christ jesus and patron saint of Scotland. The thirteen stars represent the 13 states of secession. Thus , the message in the Confederate battle flag is: "Through the blood of Christ, with the protection of GOD , We the Thirteen States, are united in our Christfor liberty. IS THAT WHAT IS SO OFFENSVE TO YOU? SWASTIKA? WOW Goes to show what inbred ignorance can do

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm from the UK and only know so much about American history but I think the South should be able to keep their confederate flag; most people in the American South that fly it, seem to out of pride for their area - which is a good thing :-) I rather liked that motif/slogan 'Heritage not Hate'. It's generally not the South's fault that the KKK adopted the flag and abused it.

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    So, basically by stating that it served in the Civil War with blacks in front with a flag that stood for "white supremacy" because the kkk also uses it excuses it from being a racist flag, correct?

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    The Native Americans will tell what really happened with the Indian Territories. The Indian-Intercourse read that sounds fun.

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    Here's a great answer: A great argument that it is racist, and certainly the Democrats (communists) do - which is the flag they themselves carried and promoted.


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    It's the flag the south would have flown as their own country if they had won the war

  • 4 years ago

    the conferate battle flag is a cristian symbol its the cross of st Andrew the apostle of jesus crist

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