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Bremerton and Bainbridge Island?

What's it like by the ferry terminals? Anything to do?

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    Bremerton is a longer ferry ride (about an hour each way), but more scenic and relaxing, in my opinion. Once you're over there, there the USS Turner Joy, a stroll around the waterfront, coffee or a meal at one of the waterfront cafes or restaurants.

    Bainbridge is a shorter ride (about 25 minutes each way), and scenic as well. Mostly, a short walk from the ferry dock is the little downtown area of Bainbridge with little shops and cafes.

    Both have their perks, it really depends on what you like. Bremerton seems more commercial/city, and Bainbridge is more rustic/country.

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    There is more to do by the Bremerton ferry dock. You can walk to see the USS Turner Joy, plus they have just revitalized downtown.

    Bainbridge is more rural. There are a few shops and stuff, but if you wanted to take the ferry over and do more than have lunch, it's better to go to Bremerton.

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