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I am thinking about purchasing the Apple Macbook priced at $1099 on Apple's website. My only concern is that i heard a rumor that the Macbook was getting an upgrade this June at Macworld 2008. If it does get upgraded and the price goes up I will not be ablle to afford it. Should I buy the current Macbook or wait and see until after Macworld. Also does anyone know what the new Macbook will be like.(design,apps, etc.)

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  • Mike M
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    1 decade ago
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    Macworld is actually an expo in January; what's happening tomorrow is the Worldwide Developer Conference, where Apple tends to introduce more developer-oriented stuff than consumer products — with the exception of the iPhone (the second generation of which is expected to be announced tomorrow), because it's both a consumer-oriented product and an exceptional new software platform. Because the MacBook isn't specifically involved in any new developer- or software-related news (aside from the general fact that it happens to be a Mac, and there could always be new stuff on the Mac OS X front), it wouldn't make much sense to update it at WWDC.

  • Jacob
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think we will see an update until fall for the MacBook. If anything, the price would likely come down. Something to consider, if you have kids or are a student or teacher, you might be eligible for a education discount on the computer. This can be a significant saving and currently includes a free iPod Touch.

    The Apps it comes with are pretty good. I recommend that you get a word processor of some kind. Either Microsoft Office or Apple iWork 08.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is about the 1 millionth time that someone has asked this question in this forum this week. Your dealing with Apple. They don't unveil anything about new product releases until they release the product. Rumors are rumors and anything anyone tells you will just be speculation. And how do you know that you won't be able to afford it? The WWDC starts Monday (June 9) and ends on June 13th. Just wait a week. If nothing is unveiled at the WWDC then they probably won't be rolling out anything new anytime soon. And if anything is going to be unveiled during the WWDC then its most likely going to be the 3G iPhone. But then again, that is just speculation.

  • hartig
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    3 years ago

    What are you utilizing the pc for? Apples are ordinary for being greater convenient to apply than computers, regardless of the recent Intel processors, and that they are amazing for media artwork. with the aid of fact that they have have been given the recent Intel processors in them, you could relatively examine them to computers, and the Macbooks have lots of the latest processors on the marketplace, so they ought to be comparably rapid.

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