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about these big finance companies like merrill lynch, morgan stanley and goldman sachs?

what's the main business of merrill lynch, morgan stanley, lehman brothers or goldman sachs and other huge companies like them. i'm sure they have their own specializations right? so what are they

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    They are technically called Investment Banks. They basically help people earn more money through investments, whereas regular banks just pay interest.

    They are also institutional lenders in that they typically only deal with non-people clients (corporations, trusts, funds, etc.). Really rich people often are catered to as "Private Wealth Mgmt", or through wealth protection as in trusts or something like that.

    I sense there is another layer of definition you are looking for, but without more info, this is it.

    Good luck!

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    there are multiple jobs of these companies. they offer personal advisement and provide financing for corporations through investment banking

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