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What happens wif you have debt and move abroad?

I have a friend who is moving abroad with an IVA. What happens if he moves to the states without paying it off, breaking all contact with his bank?

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    debt follows you every where you go, unless you change your identity(I Don't recommend you do)

  • dineen
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    truly dude, you're doing a runner. And in case you cancel your direct debits and close your monetary corporation account, what else can they do? no longer some thing. Your borrowers are not from now on going to chase you to Germany. yet you'd be blacklisted and in case you do ever come decrease back to the united kingdom your probabilities of having any credit or loans will be very small.

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    Your buddies visa application to the usa will be rejected, therfore, he'll have a restricted time there and won't be able to work

  • 1 decade ago

    The bank could sue him in the U.S. Depending on how much he owes, this may or may not occur.

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