the us has not lost every war in its past?

im tired of pl saying that we lost every ******* war cause we havent im 22 years old currently in the U.s marines my name is staff sergeant chris and i know what war is and how many we have won war, is nothing like tv ive been almost everywhere and climates cold,hot,humid you name it and heres every war we have won the revolutinary war won it,ww2 won it,the civil war,mexican war 1845- 47,Indian wars 1868-1881 won over various tribes,Spanish American War 1898 won over Spain,Philipines issurection 1899-1902 won over rebel forces,Dominican war 1901-04,he Great war (WWI) 1917-1918 won over central pwrs,Korean war 1950-53 cease fire agreement,Gulf war 1990-91 won over iraq,quasi war (with France) 1798-1800 won against france ,Barbary pirate war 1801-05 won against pirates,the cold war,desert storm,desert storm #2 i can sit here on my *** and keep going on and on so what was it you were saying


if u dont belive theres more here there are the granada war,Panamanian war,Serbia war,Bosnia and in russia Kosovo, iraq war,present war.

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    1 decade ago
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    i dont know too much about this stuff but i do know that we have not lost every war.. i know of more wars that we won over wars that we lost. the only war that i can think of that we did not win was the vietnam war..

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    Every country has won and lost wars, I dont think I ever heard of a country that has won every single war. But if you ask me, I believe that in a war, everybody is a loser, how can you consider a country as "victorious" when both sides have families that will never get to see thier loved ones ever again.

    The best thing to do, is not listen to other people at all

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    1 decade ago

    Lots of former countries won every war but the last one.

    Also depends on who you fight whether you get to brag or not.

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