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Atheists, how do you feel about the state of Maryland forcing Islamic studies on school children?

I just read an answer where an atheist said that he doesn't have to put up with Muslims at school board meetings. Wrong.,2933,364362,00.html


These classes are mandatory for high school students. So much for readin, ritin, and rithmetic.

Update 2:

The Oracle: They are teaching only one.

Update 3:

Daryl B: Read the question.

Update 4:

Then, should we teach the Christianity and all of it's different branches? You just can't say that Christians have committed all these horrible atrocities and then say Islam is good in schools but Christianity is not. Does Christianity need softened up for our high school kids. I see alot of atheists being very inconsistent here.

Update 5:

lainiebs: They are softening up the description on Islam as it pertains to many Muslims. Many Muslims believe that if you are not Muslim, you are going to hell. Just like many Christians believe if you are not Christian, you will go to hell.

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    It's wrong! Pro-Islamic groups should learn not to mess with the children. Now we are going to have a new generation of appeasers and who defend Islam. While I do think it's vital for every school to have a Religious studes course (teach about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc) I do not like the fact that so many Islamic groups bear such influence. They decide what our children are going to learn! How would they like it if we went to Pakistan and began teaching then Jewish studies created by Jewish groups? If I were a parent I would take my child out of that school.

  • I'm not sure, but it seems like two different things are getting mixed up here: the state deciding that the kids have to learn that islam is violent (which seems to be the reason it was even incorporated in the curriculum) and a islamic pressure group determined to keep that out. The first part doesn't make a lot of sense, and indeed neither does the second. But I'd like to see what the original text was like. Any use of the term sharia without a very specific locational reference (e.g. Saudi Arabia) is bound to be a horrible generalization. Over all though, discussing religion in compulsory subjects is always going to be problematic and should be avoided. But I don't think it was the muslims that came up with that in the first place here.

    edit: what in the world are you basing your answer to Oracle on?

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    I think it is up to the high school student on whether they want to take these classes. However, I do think that either in history class or some other class schools should teach about many other religions! Our children really need to know what another religion is about! As long as the teacher does it appropriately it shouldnt be a problem! I also believe it teaches your teenager there are options. Yes I will bring my child up in a christian environment but I also want them to be educated enough to make their own decision! It is a total choice. I dont think teaching about other religions will detour many kids from what they already believe. But it will enlighten them on what others believe!

    AS far as history books making islam seem less violent I agree with it! But we still need to teach our kids about all religions in a correct form!

    Christianity hasnt done anything wrong! It's people who get too haughty for their britches that do the wrong and those people arent really christians! Same way in Islam! It's not islam who is making war. It's the people In Islam who are. They arent really islamic though they may claimm they are!

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    I live in Maryland and didn't know about this. It's at least moderately disturbing to me, for any number of reasons, and I'm no Atheist.

    Personally, I wish there was a class in which all the major world religions were taught, and atheism as well. But to only teach one, and for political reasons, and to not even teach the full's disgusting, and a little dangerous.

    There are plenty of Muslims who don't go in for holy wars...but there are some who do. If we are going to understand Islam, we should definitely be looking at this aspect.

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    Did you actually read the article? It has nothing to do with anyone being taught Islamic studies. It's about social studies/history textbooks being dumbed down or altered to make Islam appear less violent than it has been historically.

    No different than softening a chapter about the Crusades or Inquisition or Witch Trials that darken Christianity's past.


    I read your question. My point is that the article has nothing to do with your question and you are leaping to unfounded conclusions from the print equivalent a sound bite. It has nothing to do with Islamic studies.

    Or is history supposed to be taught without ever mentioning the existence of Islam?

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    I have no objection to students being taught ABOUT Islam or any other religion. It's the teaching that a particular religion is the one correct religion or that the students will go to hell for not following a religion that's the problem.

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    Actually what that article says is that the board isn't allowing certain things to be taught, not that they are teaching more.

    But in any case...the full truth is what should be taught. If it had been dropped for lack of time, or in favor of more important topics I'd be fine with it. But that sounds like they dropped it because a group wants to deny their history. That I'm not OK with.

  • Ir is preferable we maintain belief in truth, reasoning and an ideology that unifies with the common thread that runs through all the world than focus upon or magnify differences.

    God is neither a colour, creed, religion or nationality. Truth should be as God, universal and absolute.

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    Classes in religion - for any age child - should be elective. If the parents don't want the child in that class, then have him/her doing something else when it's being taught. Forcing religion down the throat of a child is a disgrace.

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    I have no problem with public schools teaching children about religion. It is a big part of the world. What I have a problem with is presenting any religion as truth rather than keeping the instruction objective.

    I believe that in this instance they are teaching OF Islam not guiding children in the faith.

    Source(s): EDIT: There is presently a lot of animosity toward Muslims in the U.S. and I can see how it would benefit kids to understand some of what Islam believes and to humanize Muslims.
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    i believe teaching anything about religion in schools is wrong. this is perfect example of why. too much argument over who's right and who's wrong. you're never going to get any side to agree so just leave it out of the classrooms all together. now, if you want to teach about middle east conflicts and how there are religious fanatics involved in a war, that's one thing. it's no different than teaching religious fanatics were responsible for other events in history such as the inquisition. however, if your soul purpose is to paint a positive or negative picture about any religion, then you should just leave it out of the classroom.

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