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Cannot Find Removable Disk (E;)?

So I needed help for my Sims 2 games because of constant freezing and crashes so I contacted EA Support and they told me to download the latest patch for my card (nVidia Gefore 6150SE nForce 430) and after that I reinstalled it but the following messages appeared:

-Could not locate any Direct X 9.0 compatible cards in system (the game still played than I turned it off)

-After I turned on the computer to play again it said that "It could not locate any disk in drive and told me to put one in when it already was"

So I went to go look what happened and my Removable Disk E: just dissappeared O_O so I asked EA for more help they told me how to manually uninstall the SIms 2 so I did but the only problem I have is reinstalling because I do not have the Removable Disk Drive anymore! Someone help me please >.<

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    You installed something from your flash drive (removable drive), which the system configured as the source for the start up checkup thingy....

    The solution is to uninstall and reinstall everything from fixed hard drive.

    Hope it works.

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