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What do you think of people who have no desire to graduate high school and refuse to learn?

the curriculum for a high school diploma?

I admire those people. 90 percent of whats being taught in schools today is crap, crap, and even more crap. Glad I quit school after 11th grade. I rather work and make money anyway.

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    I dnt agree with that decision at all, i understand that school isn't enjoyable for most people (including me) but you just have to stick it out, a number of employers want nothing less than a Bachelor's now!! So think about not even having a High School diploma...I rather go through the hard work and struggle to ensure that I have a good job and accomplish my goal of being an Entrepreneur someday. Some ppl made it by not completing HS but its still a slim chance...

    Source(s): About to complete my Associates in Business Admin. Planning to get my Masters in same field or similar
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    I guess anyone with kids knows about the sacrifices that parents make for them - so I'd say my kids have made the usual impression on my life, nothing out of the ordinary. My ex husband was very controlling, so that was the most impressive amount of effect that someone else's desires have had on me ! Now, at this stage of my life, no...they are not adversely affecting me at all. The kids are both settled with families, my ex is making someone else's life a misery, my new husband is lovely and giving....and I'm a free agent !

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    I agree with the first answer. School is just a way of shwing potential employers that you can learn and that you can sit down and do something productive and finish.

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    Whatever you think about schooling, at least you prove to potential employers that you are able to stick something out till the end if you complete school.

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    went to college, didn't make much money even with a degree. so now i don't work and my husband who didn't finish his freshman year supports both of us and my kid, and makes more money than both my nurse brother and his accounting executive wife....its called union. They make sure the people doing the necessary work to keep our county going get paid well. We all need electricians, plummers, and yes coal.

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    All the good jobs you have to have at least a high school diploma. If you can't prove that you can work hard at school, how would the manager trust you to work hard at your job?

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    I respect it- but I don't agree with it at all.

    Sorry. I plan on continuing middle school, completing high school, and going to college, and then medical school, and then become a well-paid pediatrician.


    I'm with johncoltranefan.

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    Most will be in jail or prison...unable to achiest life..

    in completing shows ,able finish a job,,,an done right..

    never had a person ask my grades,,,,only the level i finished

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    They need to start hanging around with a completley different crowd.

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    thats not really a reason to admire someone, because what they did took no work or courage. (in most cases)

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