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Help with traveling to Paris france?

Hey...i am 14 years old and my one goal is to travel the world. My mom said that if i can afford to pay my way we can to to Paris. I have a summer job that will give me 100 dollars a month so I need to save some each month. I would like some ideas on how to earn more money, an estimate on plane tickets, things to see in paris, how a dollar would be to a whatever type o money they have there and a nice hotel to daty in. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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    Dollars is very low compared to euro, so you will have to save a lot before going.

    For plane, save about 1000 and it should be more than enough.

    For hotel, I would recommend hostels, "auberge de jeunesse" - there are plenty in many, many towns, and some have individual bedrooms. You'll have to buy their card, and then it will be very cheap to sleep there; they usually offer free breakfast, and a kitchen where you can cook.

    If your family wants to come with you, consider home swaping (you offen have to suscribe to a club, like intervac), which is very cheap and practical.

    Where do you want to go in France ? Only Paris ? Paris + Riviera ? Paris + Riviera + Châteaux de la Loire ? Mont-Saint Michel ? French Britanny ? Strasbourg ? Toulouse ? Dijon ? It will change a lot your budget.

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    Planes are likely to be expensive at the moment. It's been said Hostels are good, which is true, but we always stay at Hotel B&B. They do have hotels just outside Paris on Metro lines. For traveling to places outside Paris, the TGV is the easiest and quickest. Prices are reasonable.

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