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so is it so fundementally wrong to call pagans satanists if youre a christian?

I'd assume Pagans don't believe in Satan, so why do they feel like being equated to satanists so so insulting

do they at least acknowledge that from the Christian perspective, they *ARE* satanists?

*yep new account, old Luke, well you must have been getting bored of looking at my chest*

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    Satanists are does who worship Satan

    Spiritism who talk or comunicate with demons

    and so on.

    Resto of the non believers the Bible call them Gentiles or creatures of God.

    I think it is clear

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    I don't really care who you equate me with. I don't believe in Satan. Period. However, you are, when you call someone a Satanist, mixing terms, because there IS such a thing as Satanism, two kinds, in fact, and that, in term, equates all pagans with those groups, which is grossly incorrect.

    I do understand the Christian perspective, since for you anyone who is not worshiping the Trinity is worshiping false gods in or through Satan, but you'll run into this issue using it as you do, and there's no real way around it. Sorry.

    Personally it doesn't really bothering me, rather like the kids on the playground calling me four eyes if I didn't wear glasses.

    As it is, I'm a good person, pay my takes, give to charity, volunteer and generally try to make the world a better place, unlike a lot of Christians I know. Call me evil, call me a satanist, it's not going to change what I believe or make me a bad person. I don't define myself by how others see me.

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    I do not aknowledge that from the Christian "perspective" I am a Satanist because I am NOT one. This has nothing to do with perspective- if someone thinks that pagans are Satanists, then they are wrong, period. Satanism is a different religion. In something so straightforward, there is no room for opinion. It's like saying that in your opinion the sky is actually green.

    And we are insulted because any Christian who calls me a Satanist is lying, and is also telling me that I am somehow evil (I know that Satanists are good people, however Christians often refuse to believe that). THAT is insulting.

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    I guess you are implying that anyone who is not Christian is a Satanist. As a pagan, I do not believe in Satan. Go ahead and call me a Satanist, I'm not insulted... it just makes you look like an idiot. There are true Satanists out there, but I am not one of them.

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    Would you be offended at being called a satanist if its not true??? I would assume anyone but a satanist would find it annoying in the least to be called satanist.

    And by the way, if the christian perspective of practising paganism is the equivalent of being satanist, then the christian perspective is wrong. Simple as that.

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    How insulting.

    Pagans are NOT 'satanists'. The very idea of a 'devil' called 'satan' is a purely CHRISTIAN concept. It sure as hell doesn't come from Judaism, where 'Hasatan' is an ordinary angel.

    It is wrong to call Pagans 'satanists' as it is OBJECTIVELY incorrect, and it denies the vast range of Pagan traditions, rituals and groups, most of which are lovely.

    It's the Christian perspective that is wrong NOT Paganism.

    How can Pagans be 'satanists' when 'satan' is not even a PAGAN CONCEPT?

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    Personally, I am not insulted when someone equates Pagans to Satanists. You are correct in saying that Pagans do not believe in Satan. Assuming that Pagans are Satanists is just ignorance of Paganism and Satanism.

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    Since Christianity is a religion that recognized only one god, then everyone else MUST worship the enemy of their god, and that would be Satin. I can't see trying to tell the Christians what to believe any more than I want them telling ME what to believe, but unlike the Atheists and New Age pagans, I am a bit more realistic and respect other peoples religion although I don't believe it for a moment.

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    Pagans are satanists from a Christian point of view?

    I am Jewish and can tell you there is a big difference. Perhaps you should do more research.

    Would you like me to tell you that many Jews consider Christians practicers of idolotry because you pray to Jesus? You would not like it and I am sure Pagans and Satanists do not like it either. They are very different. Really, do more research before insulting people.

    This forum should be used to learn and not insult and tear down.

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    Yes, it is fundamentally wrong. While I am neither pagan nor Christian, there is plenty of information available concerning what pagans actually do practice and believe. Any lack of knowledge of pagan beliefs and practices prior to evaluating them is willful and inexcusable ignorance. Calling them Satanists or Devil worshippers is done with malicious intent. It is an attempt at demonizing people who otherwise mean no one any harm at all.

    This is what makes it so insulting. Not the fact that you might refer to them as worshipping something they don't even believe in, but that you are doing it with ill-concealed malevolence.

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    Yes, we do find it offensive to be called "Satanist." No, we DO NOT believe in Satan, therefore cannot worship it.

    Yes, it is fundamentally wrong to call us Satanists. But, due to Christians scewed logic, which says, "Anyone against us is working for Satan.", I guess anyone who isn't Christian is a Satanist.

    Wouldn't it be better to know the FACTS and speak honestly and truthfully about others?

    Wouldn't it be better to spread understanding and tolerance rather than hatred and misinformation?

    Source(s): Eclectic Philosophical Pagan
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