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(~help~)=w=幫我作文(fast)a3a(20 marks)

作一篇文,English pls 要 rythm ths .内容:4 段or 3段 4 ssentence in P.6 have to leave the Primary School ,Do you miss your friends and teachers?Do有want to say something to your friends ?Do you have any messagers for your teachers?What are you going to do in the future? Try to write a poem about your feeling on the graduation? pls help me to write about it !!!Ths...

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    I am sad to sing this farewell song

    To my dear classmates and teachers getting together for 6 years long

    It seems to be only yesterday for the first day we met

    The happiest time with you that I will never forget

    Thank you all teachers who taught me right from wrong

    And even after bell ringing ding-ding-dong

    Allowed us sometimes to finish the test paper

    And that made us feel you are super

    Thank you all my classmates in this school

    I will not forget our jacket uniform made of wool.

    I will continue to fly high

    up up and away to the blue sky

    Though we will not see each other everyday at all

    We may keep in touch via internet and telephone call

    I will be delighted to see you all in the face book

    And some years later your new look

    Hope we will meet some time in the near future

    And talk again about our old days with pleasure

    May I say all the best and take care

    And will think of you all anytime and anywhere


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    I missed my friend,

    hope our friendship never end,

    let's hand in hand,

    and play with the sand

    My dearest friend,

    my heart will never mend,

    to serperate with my dearest friend.....

    Now, I grow,

    I am as sad as crow,

    when the wind blow,

    I will remem beryou, my known.

    No matter what,

    even it is hot,

    i will put our friendship in my memory pot,

    and never forgot!

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