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    I marked ** after some sentences that I’m not 100% sure.




    Any funds you can raise.

    I can raise it faster

    I’ll raise tons of cash faster than you

    No you won’t x3

    Yes I willx3

    Just as it showed

    Any talk show we’re on

    I can talk better

    With no narrow and letters

    Better than you

    No you can’t x3

    Yes I canx3

    I’m as smarter as anyone

    I can be by partisan

    I’ll take it let it clean

    Black and white in between

    My new health plan covers Kids

    You’re working with nud**

    Studio cook

    Any vote that I made

    I can defend it

    No vote for Iraqi in passion like you

    I didn’t

    Yes you did

    Who would say?

    You lose credit

    Give me slangx3**

    Any war you kick in

    I can in quicker

    Bring all the far troop former

    Much quicker than you

    18 months..

    7 months


    By Next week

    You vote weak

    I’m not weak

    Let me speak

    You never touch me drinking **

    False, I like Lincoln **

    I’ve been in the white house

    I still live with my spouse

    I can work with anyone

    Pat Robison too?


    Ya..i’m with you

    Any Speech you can give

    Mine sound syrup

    I talk to my mirror Sincere than you

    No you don’tx3

    Yes I dox3

    Any mud you can throw

    I can throw it harder

    Dig a worst mud

    Throw it on you

    You did vote

    I write vote

    Ya you smoke

    Get me a dress

    You big ass you fat ass

    Your name sounds like a Salma

    Your Daddy like your mama

    Your marriage like a bomber

    You hobby get a hummer

    My wife says loyalty

    Is your middle name?


    Run it to same

    Any vote you can get

    I can get it better

    As the vote getter I’m better than you

    Not the west

    I’m the best

    in the south?

    Shut your mouth

    Not with the blacks

    Face to face …face to face

    If I become president

    I can do better

    At least better than our done president now

    No you can’t

    Yes I can..

    Here is my plan

    Not Iran

    Quacker plan**

    No you can’t

    Yes I can

    No you can’t

    Yes I can no you can’t

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