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Hello everyone!

I'm getting a jack russell in the next few days. I have already seen him. He is very active. He jumps and barks and is very hyper. The thing is, I also have a 1and a half year old cat, and I would like them to get along. By the way, the jackrussll is 1 year old. How? And I would LOVE advice please! Like how to stop unnessary behavors and train him and does he need a litter tray like cats?

Links would be appreciated!

And if you want more details, please ask!


Excuse me! >:O Meghan!

For your imformation, i Am getting a dog from the shelter!!! aND MY CAT IS ALSO FROM THE SHELTER!.

AND If there was fish to adopt in the shelter, i would have got all my fishes from the shelter too!

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    JRT's are fab !! I have a JRT a Kelpie and a Cat and they all get on great. I used to put the cat in the same room at night with the JRT in his crate and they got used to each other that way. When the Kelpie was introduced I was always there and never left them on their own and again he just got used to the cat and the cat to him.

    It may take longer with your JRT with him being alot older ... just give it time and NEVER leave them alone together or allow the dog to chase the cat. Until the cat has accepted the dog it could inflict some nasty injuries on the dog.

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    The Jack Russel will be hyper like that until he is so old it hurts to be that hyper. He is a terrier and bred for hunting smaller animals. Introducing him to your cat as an adult and not a puppy (you would be able to influence him more if he was a pup) will make it difficult for them to get along.

    You won't be able to leave them alone together for a while unless he's lived with cats before and was fine with them. You should crate him when you're away from the house. You should probably introduce the cat to him when he's in his crate. Let them smell each other get acquainted, etc. You'll need to shout NO if he growls in the least at the cat. It'll take time, but eventually they'll learn to at least tolerate each other. You can keep him on a leash in the house and give the cat free roam and stay close to him also.

    As for the litter tray... you CAN train dogs to use one... but it works best with teeny tiny toy breeds. A Jack Russel will end up making your house smell awful. He'll need to go to the bathroom outside in the yard. He'll also need daily exercise.

    Good luck, hope this helped!

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    If you need to be asking questions like this then you shouldn't be getting a puppy already, let alone a Jack Russell. When you decide to make the hard, life-long commitment to get a puppy, you have to know EVERYTHING about the specific breed you are getting. You need to learn A LOT more about the breed. A JR is not the breed of dog for a newbie to dog ownership, or someone with no training experience or the money for a trainer, especially if you don't already know that much about them. They are very hard to train (yet incredibly intelligent and mischievious) stubborn terriers. And please, don't breed or buy while shelter pets die, go to a rescue.

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    Mutt for the actuality, easily... no. the main surprising breed call is "Jack Russell terrier." The AKC basically replaced the breed call because of the fact the JRTCA sued them for the rights to apply that call. because of the fact the JRTCA did not desire the Jrt to alter into ruined like a great number of different working breeds interior the AKC. The JRTCA gained. The AKC could not comprehend this breed because of the fact the Jack Russell.. so they got here up with some thing else. The "Parson" (aka.. "preacher") russell terrier. They replaced the widely used somewhat.. etc. etc. they're rather the comparable breed, yet not probably. they supply the impact of being very comparable maximum surprising now, yet I assure you that for the time of many years.. the Parson Russell will look massively diverse from the genuine Jack Russell Terrier. purely like the Fox Terrier used to appear like our Jack Russell's of at present.. not the Fox Terrier lookes massively diverse. additionally, i might desire to point out that neither Jrts or Prts are totally ratting canines, nor the place they bred for ratting. They have been bred to seek fox, yet are in many situations used for ratting. Ratting grew to become into not their unique objective. Anywho, seems such as you are the guy who desires to do somewhat analysis. ;)

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    First of all, dogs don't use litter boxes. And since the dog is a year old, it will be impossible to train. Also, I have a jack russell and she is CRAZY. Jack russells jump onto tables and over fences. Plus, my dog feels free to pee wherever, whenever. And also, my dog loves to chase cats, even though she is their size. Keep all these things in mind, because even though they are cute, they can also be a pain.

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    just to warn you, jack russells have been known to kill cats. and since it is not a puppy it will be harder to control its aggression towards the cat.. However, this is not to say that with a lot of time and patience you cant have them get along.. make sure the introduction is slow and always supervised..


    and no he doesnt need a litter box.. thats usually reserved for really small dogs like chihuahuas who have extremely small bladders and urinate alot more.. its more of a convienence than a necessity, especially for ppl who are gone a long portion of the day.

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    He needs ALOT of exercise. They are full of energy! If you dont let them run their energy off, it turns into bad behavior and you dont want that. Neither does the poor little doggy.. They get nervous if they dont get to run off the energy everyday. They are very cute, but they are not a "normal" dog as they are so LOL---- spastic goofballs.. I LOVE THEM.. But it takes a special type of person who can give them what they need.. You also need to get him special training. Jacks are "predator" type dogs which means that they do not know the dif between tame or wild animals like birds, rats, mice, rabbits, etc.. So if you have other pets in the house, i would not get a Jack. They have a mind of their own and are very very smart.. I see Jack Russels in shelters here in my town because people buy them cuz they are so cute, but alot of people dont understand their personalities and just burn out on them and drop them off at a shelter.. You need to know what you are getting into first.. If a high energy dog is not your style (think long term after the newness of owning a Jack as settled in) then you need to look at a different breed of dog...

    Source(s): Google: Jack Russels and study up g/f
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    yay for you!

    my family has a jack russell, and she is the light of our lives. she is intelligent, loving, protective, and funny- we think of her as a family member.

    however, i want to be completely honest with you- some jack russells will never be tolerant of other animals.

    we got our Ginger as a young puppy, and at the time my uncles dog had been staying with us. to this day, my uncles dog is the only other animal she can be around and not be aggressive with, and even with her we need to be watchful.

    hopefully the jack you are getting is more relaxed around other animals than ours is.

    we love our dog so much that she is enough for us, so we dont worry about not being able to have another pet, however we are considering an obedience trainer to see if it would help!

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    dogs do not use litter boxes. jack russels are extremely active always. they calm down tremendously after being fixed. introdruce the jack russel to the cat early. they are always very active you cannot confine them to a small space and need to be excercised daily

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    ~i would block part of the house off with a baby gate. the cat can hop over and find safety away from the dog. and dogs go outside not in a cat box.

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