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Pocket Knife?

What are the pocket knives that flip out when you push a button called?

Switch blade, jack knife?

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    The knife with the button on it is a Stiletto, it's an Italian made knife and is often called a switchblade. They are usually imported.

    The Jack Knife can be one of several knives. Some seem to think it is called a Jack Knife because it can be easily opened with a few movements, it is extremely sharp and may be a reference to "Jack the Ripper."

    I have seen knives which are called, "Jack Knives", when in all actuality, they are used to skin a Texas Jack Rabbits. These are just really sharp "Bowie" Knives.

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    There are different kind of knife thay will open when you push a button, some, spring loaded, called a switch blade, in the U.S.

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    Sounds like a 'Switch Blade" to Me. I think these are considered Illegal now.

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    switch blade

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    knifes are for wussy's... lol

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