Public track for testing car's maximum speed?

Does anybody knows if there are any 'open to public' testing car tracks where you could legally test your car's maximum speed and 0-60mph accel time? Preferably in Texas...

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    1 decade ago
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    I know of two in Texas. I'm sure there's more. For about 15 bucks, you can do the quarter mile against some random stranger at the quarter mile track in Enis - 50 miles south of DFW. Street night used to be every friday, and you can go around and around as often as the entire line moves through it. I'm guess it's still the same deal but I haven't been in awhile.

    It's alot of fun, but be prepared to be towed if you get too wild. It's a good way to toast your clutch as well - trust me. Been there, done that.

    If you are close enough, you can hit the 1/8th mile track in Kennedale - just barely south of central DFW. They've got street nights too.

    Either track would get you past 60. The one at Enis will get you well past 100 if your car has any power at all.

    Have fun. Be safe. Keep in mind if you do under a 12 second quarter at Enis they'll ask you to get a helmet.

    If you are driving any kind of sports car, it's dubious that any quarter mile track has enough room to top it out. I can't help you there. Unless you can pull enough strings or pay for the driving school that runs out of texas motor speedway, it's unlikely you'll find anywhere that you can max it out legally. You might consider one of those electronic gadgets that keep track of your acceleration and max speed through the use of an accelerometer. You can by them from ads in magazines such as 'turbo'. You can use them anywhere - legal or not - but I for one would not want a ticket doing 160 or whatever (if you have a supra, charger, vette, whatever. Lots of cars have some crazy top end speeds. there's even some lexuses, lexii? that are faster than heII)


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    i am afraid there is no such thing NHRA and IHRA guidlines regulate all the public tracks in the USA, if you are wanting to exeed 120 MPH on a circle track, your car must pass a tech inspection, which will include requiring a 10 or greater point roll cage, scatter blanket racing seat, five point harness, fire extinguisher etc.. also if you want to go over 150, you will need an NHRA license, the only way you could do it legally is if someone you know has enough private land and the money to build a private track


  • 4 years ago

    all the above are indexed and defined in the NJ motive force's handbook. If I supply you the solutions - you will in no way discover ways to do it by employing your self take a seat, examine the handbook and solid success

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