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Does not full open-mindedness require an absolute sense of naivity, and lack of skepticism?

naive |nīˈēv| (also naïve)


(of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment : the rather naive young man had been totally misled.

Showing a lack of experience, I mean to denote. Can one be decided on anything of objective value with a totally open mind?

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    Whether the answer is yes or no, what the question supposes is, the mind is the sole operator and arbitrator of mind's operations -- whether or not in this instance, openness and naivete. But the mind is like that of a lever, which can pull itself, yes -- but not to that extent as your question would imply, or it is pulled by a force above and outside it. If above and outside, then no such requirements need be adjudged requiring.

    Bear in "mind" [we must ask at the outset Who or What is doing the bearing forth that the mind can bear such as the extreme of naivete and skepticism you outline here], mindedness of any sort is not in itself of anything absolute and therefore can no more than 'estimate' the absolute state, for the absolute state so far exceeds the mind's tolerances and capacity, construction and purpose: that is, the mind can only affect to be absolute. Moreover, anything absolute is not comprised of 'sense', for if that is the claim and means, then we can assure again that this is no more than an affectation as well: even if taking on the absolute were possible, which the mind is not capable of, it will have at first be required to past muster of certain natural living laws. One law exactly would be that of the Law of Causation founded on the principle of duality, both of which are based in those realms of matter, energy, space, and time, of which the Mind is the zenith but nonetheless a most integral, inseparable portion.

    The Mind's composition and nature enjoys no exemptions from these laws and principles; which Fabric is composed of these and identical to them --though it 'is' the highest form of them.

    At the split second the Mind will have attained such a state as full open-mindedness, it would -- at once -- slip into an equal state of closure, which is to say again that complete close-mindedness would ensue. A lock would occur, an implosion. Why?, well, because of the selfsame Law, which is that of Causation: action-reaction dynamics. And do keep in mind that all said qualities as these exist at lightning speed, whether apparently to our perceptions these qualities are standing still or in motion. It is simply a common thread extant in all nature highest and lowest.

    And this is why the requirements you outline are not tenable, unless of course you can get 'above' the mind, in which case what you say is more than possible and easily probable; performed for some certain and great universal purpose, by some divine edict.

    The mind does not call the shots in the God Worlds, the true lever puller -- and so in fact is the mind subject to and a creation of them in no less way than many other creations.

    Absolute is not here, thus so true is full open-mindedness not. We only estimate it. When a breach does occur, it happens at -- and get this! -- the " snail's pace " of lightning speed because of the coarse fabric here, and which is an abrupt, cataclysmic occurrence, carried out in this way for a High Convenience to benefit the Lower, but which, ironically, is carried in a manner that does no harm unless purposely 'intended' so. 'Has nothing at all to do with Religion -- nothing -- but all to do with Spirituality.

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    No. Being truly open minded means that you have to be skeptical and experienced. If you are ignorant or inexperienced you will have no way of judging the trustworthiness of what you are told. If you are naive and not skeptical you end up with being gullible, which is just ignorance and certainly not the same thing as being open-minded.

    That said an open-minded person may appear naive by some of the questions they ask to draw out the ideas and opinions of others. Especially if there are closed minded people around. Closed minded people think anyone who disagrees with them is wrong SIMPLY because they disagree.

    An open mind does not mean that decisions can be made. But you have a much better chance of achieving that goal. Many things in this world are not objective but, rather, subjective. And sometimes it is just a matter of trying to make the best choice among several less than perfect options.

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    In a way yes, but I see it as more of lack of intelligence, in terms of logical reasoning. If you arent open minded then you are closed minded and you are making your decison based on internal and external factors, but intuitively the factors are internal,(by heart; by mind) so you will almost always be closed minded and your decisions always biased. In logical reasoning there is no bias, you must equally measure. If you are closed minded, its sort of something like a person living their life without breaking the law, even though a certain choice might greatly improve their life. Its your best choice to a problem, taking into consideration all factors. Thats the best I can explain it. So yeah, in a way its kinda the same thing as knowlede, wisdom, experience, but on a higher level, ie. intelligence.

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    a truly open mind has yet to be achieved in the world today, because we are all driven by something. whether it be a thirst for knowledge or seeking a meaning for life, we are all focused on a single defining goal. To have an open mind is to accept that you may never achieve that goal, so ALL people close their mind to the truth in order to maintain a feeling of power or control.

    We all refuse to believe a few things, especially if they have been shown to be wrong. you would never try to breath underwater because it has been proven that you will drown. but is your mind not closed to the fact that, maybe by some chance, you can breath underwater?

    it is truly impossible to have an open mind if you have EVER been totally convinced about something. and we all have

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    I think as a young person , I may have been naive, you learn with experience, although i refused to become hardened toward people that mis-wronged me.

    I am very objective, I know what is right for me, if i am skeptical than, i must follow my heart.

    I am closed minded when someone may try to force there liberal views on me.. for i know what is the right way.

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    Yes. You need naivete to not bring any preconceived prejudicial notions to a new idea, and you need to put skepticism on hold. Skepticism of course also comes from preconceived prejudicial notitions. What you should have with you for full open mindedness is good intuition. If your gut feeling tells you you're going to get hurt jumping off that 500 foot cliff, no amount of open mindedness should convince you that whoever's telling you it ain't gonna hurt is not full of it.

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    No, i do not think you can decide or a 'right' or 'wrong' decision because there are too many gray areas. If you look at an issue from all aspects and do not wish to place more importance on one than another for whatever reason, you will never truly arrive at a final decision. You may choose but only for conveniance.

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    I don't know about the naive aspect of it, but to have an open mind definitely requires a severe lack of skepticism...On my part anyways.

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    Yes, because people are capable of accepting an idea without adopting it. Like, I have am accepting of and have an open mind about the way that Muslim women are treated because I can understand that they grew up in a different culture and have an entirely different set of social norms, but I would never allow anyone to treat ME like that.

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    at some point in life you get to where you know the truth of how and what things are, and it all bcomes quite boring from then on. I think because the real nature of things is so depressingly awful.

    Consider that if the world WAS ok, thered only be reality, there WOULDNT be an imaginary us versus them, or this versus that, to play meanmouth the other and trick the stupid masses over. Thered just be what is.

    And ISNT there what just is now?

    Oh yes, but its the awful game I just described, inhabited by all the dummies who are most of everyone.

    (If that offends anyone, my IQ is 163. I have 6 years of college. --->You?

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