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Saturday night hockey trivia?

Just for the heck of it... a little trivia...

1. What NHL player that retired in 2002 was born in Haiti?

2. What NHL team had 10 twenty goal scorers?

3. Why was it possible that former NHL'er, Ken Doraty was credited with socring 3 goals in an overtime period?

4. What year did tossing an octopus on the ice in Detroit begin?


So far all that have answered have 3 of 4 correct. Hint: NY Rangers is not correct for those who have it and all but one have the reason fro 3 goals in OT correct except one responder.

Update 2:

LITY gets it... again...lol

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    1) Claude Vilgrain

    2) The 1970-71 Bruins had ten 20 goal scorers

    76 Philip Esposito

    51 John Bucyk

    43 Kenneth Hodge

    37 Robert Orr (D)

    31 John McKenzie

    29 Derek Sanderson

    25 Edward Westfall

    24 Frederick Stanfield

    22 Wayne Carleton

    22 Wayne Cashman

    1974-75 Montreal Canadiens had ten

    53 Guy Lafleur

    36 Jacques Lemaire

    35 Peter Mahovlich

    32 Yvon Lambert

    30 Steven Shutt

    29 Yvan Cournoyer

    28 Guy Lapointe (D)

    24 Murray Wilson

    21 Mario Tremblay

    20 Serge Savard (D)

    1980-81 St. Louis Blues had ten

    54 Wayne Babych

    37 Jorgen Pettersson

    35 Brian Sutter

    34 Perry Turnbull

    31 Bernard Federko

    24 Michael Zuke

    23 Anthony Currie

    22 Lawrence Patey

    20 Blake Dunlop

    20 Blair Chapman

    The 1977-78 Boston Bruins had eleven 20 goal scorers

    41 Peter McNab

    29 Terrance O'Reilly

    27 Robert Schmautz

    27 Stanley Jonathon

    25 Jean Ratelle

    25 Richard Middleton

    24 Wayne Cashman

    23 Greggory Sheppard

    22 Bradley Park (D)

    20 Donald Marcotte

    20 Robert Miller

    3) Overtime was a 10 minute period prior to 1943-44 and any team could score as many goals as they pleased

    4) 1952

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    1) I can only think of Claude Vilgrain who was on the Devils in the early 1990s ..

    2) It was the Bruins in the 70s .. trying to remember who .. Phil Esposito, Al Simms, Terry O'Reilly, Wayne Cashman, Stan Johnathan, Rick Middleton, Peter McNab

    3) He'd gotten a goal for the Leafs in the 30s in a 5 or 6 ot game but I don't know much else about him sorry

    4) 1952

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    3 years ago

    a million. What become the perfect commerce/signing/resigning your crew made in view that July 1st? - Signing Jeff Carter. 2. who's the perfect ahead in each and each and every of the divisions?: Atlantic: Richards, Flyers Northeast: none come to techniques - no longer meant as a putdown. Southeast: Ovechkin, Capitals critical: Zetterberg, pink Wings Northwest: Gaborik, Wild Pacific: Thornton, Sharks 3. in case you've been a hockey participant....that are you able to fairly win? The paintings ROSS or the HART? - Hart Trophy. 4. would you fairly take heed to a hockey sport on the radio with good announcers or watch the game on television with crappy announcers? - Radio. 5. in case you should carry back ONE previous crew which could that's? - Montreal Maroons. 6. Do you want communities having a 0.33 jersey? - No way, it promotes goofy and cartoonish designs. 7. you're given 2 selections.... A) Spend the day with Bobby Clarke B) One loose fee ticket to an Atlanta Thrasher sport and a excursion of the Thrasher's locker room. ...Which do you choose? - an afternoon with Clarkie, yet I doubt that he'd be keen to do it back. 8. who's the most over rated goaltender interior the league at present? - Hasek is way previous his height. 9. What become the most suitable hockey sport you attended? Who gained? Any exciting thoughts from it? - The Philadelphia Phantoms Calder Cup prevailing sport vs. Chicago Wolves.

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    1. Claude Vilgrain

    2. The Washington Capitals or The New York Rangers?

    3. It wasn't sudden death at the time... ?

    4. April 15, 1952 by Pete and Jerry Cusimano.

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    #2 The Bruins had eight twenty goal scorers in 1978- 1979, Bobby Miller of Billerica Massachusetts set the the record.

    #3 International Rules (Summit Series) All Star Game? WHA? tell me Man !

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    1- Claude Vilgrain

  • 1 decade ago

    1)Claude Vilgrain

    2)Philadelphia Flyers?

    3)there was no sudden death overtime


    : D

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