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question about knives?

does anybody know if switchblade knives and butterfly knives are legal to own in canada

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    If you are handicaped and missing an arm or hand - you can have an automatic knife providing the blade is no more than 3" long.

    Most switchblade laws are very tough on the people who sell them, and, very lienent on the owners. Some places, the laws only apply to the selling of them and carrying in public - leaving private home ownership open and available. You need to read the law statutes carefully yourself - don't go by what others say.

    Most switchblade laws happend thanks to Hollywood and their cheap B grade movies of the 1950's. Same hype on asault rifle these days. Considering how much Hollywood creates and our lawmakers swallow - it's a wonder we don't have space craft landing stations all over the world.

    Benchmade of Oregon makes some of the finest professional grade switchblades for survival, military, police and emergency medical technicians. They are very very strong - nothing like the cheap Italian models in the movies - and are also very expensive, around $200. Lots of models, lots of versions.

    If you want one, or want to begin collecting them - you probably need to volunter as a local EMT. It's not unusual to be first on the scene of a roll over accident, the vehicle is smoking and ready to catch fire - you have one hand on the victim and only one hand free to cut the seat belt. Although they make fancy seat belt cutter for emt's - it's just one more thing that is sitting in a kit somehwere. Where as your automatic knife is on your belt and handy. Even if they are illegal.......... I don't know of a police officer that would ticket an emt for carrying one.

    Hope this helps.

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    Not a chance.

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    no they are illegal but as long as you dont get caught you are fine....

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