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Why make wearing a bullet-proof vest illegal?

just why???

it makes little to no sense to me, that trying to protect yourself from being shot should be illegal.

it's just wrong!


Ray, how about somebody who lives in an inner city ghetto where there's a lot of shootings? somebody who's in a gang?

and who's so paranoid that they can't stand the thought that there might be somebody out there that they can't shoot dead? answer that please.

Update 2:


my question isn't about where it is illegal, but why anyone would even consider that it should be illegal. and yes, there are restrictions in some US states on wearing it.

Update 3:

TxTopCop, are you serious? also, see my question here:;_ylt=AmaGI...

all the "move out if u don't like the area" remarks are just patronising and unrealistic - not everyone can do that and it's their choice and right if they don't want to. the thought that it's more important to shoot somebody dead if they commit a crime than it is for somebody to protect their life disgusts me.

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    Body armor is only illegal to possess if you are a convicted felon, or wearing it while committing a crime.

    Otherwise it is OK to purchase or possess.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer
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    I usually only wear mine while hunting . But with the drive by shootings and home invaders happening more and more often I do think of wearing it more often .

    In some neighborhoods the home owners are installing steel plates in their homes.

    I have some new next door neighbors that have been there only about a month and a half or two and the shootings are at least once or twice a week and there has been every day/night. my window in the Blazer was shot out . the cops won't come out untill after about an hour or so. and then only a report is taken. even with tag numbers and discriptions

    I'm ready to start shooting back and it won't be driving by at 40-50 mph and shooting willynilly. I gotta protect my family. The realy big problem with that is there are too many inocent people around too close. but obviously these idiots don't care.

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    Its not illegal in every jurisdiction, unless you are a convicted felon. The Federal Law prohibiting the wearing of bullet resistant vests of convicted felons is based on the thinking that a convicted felon will likely commit another felony and by wearing a vest they reduce the law enforcement officer's chances of ending a violent confrontation quickly and with less chance of injury to officers and civilian victims.

    A normal citizen without a felony conviction can wear a vest if they want to unless their local jurisdiction has a law prohibiting it. Look at Brazil, they have a line of bullet resistant clothing for school children because of the numbers of children hurt in drive by shootings. Weird.

  • Anonymous
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    simply wearing body armor is not illegal.

    However, most states have made it illegal to wear it while commiting a crime.

    Your average person has no need for body armor anyway. its expensive, only protects against certain places and things. The vast majority of people shot in the inner city are shot while involved in other crimes, so their using it would be prohibited.

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    wearing bulletproof vest illegal

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    I know that in some states its illegal to commit a crime with a vest on.. or be a felon and be in posession on one.. if you live in an area that is so bad you need to wear a vest.. I think i would save my money and move..

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    most vests that you see arent "bullet proof" they are just made to stop the bullets from guns that most people have. you can still die from getting shot wearing a vest and have no bullet holes in you because no matter what the bullet will go atleast 3 inches into your body even if there is no penetration. i also dont see the need to even wear a bullet resistant vest unless you live in a warzone or are a agent of the government. either way i never heard of this happening in my neck of the woods

  • Anonymous
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    Because those people with kevlar vests can commit felony offenses (Robbery, Assault, Shootout with Police) and lessen their chances of being injured when shot.

    Secondly, you don't need 'em. If you live in that kind of a neighborhood, maybe you should move.

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    Simply wearing body armor is not illegal.

    However, most states have penalty enhancers if you commit a crime while wearing body armor.

    Source(s): 16 years law enforcement
  • Anonymous
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    I don't know of any where here in the USA where it's illegal to wear body armor.

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